Two DCRG PhD students present at Experimental Biology 2015 in Boston

Katrina Viloria and Sharan Asher recently attended the Experimental Biology conference in Boston.  This major cross-disciplinary conference integrates six different US health and biological associations, including the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).  The ASBMB conference was a broad meeting of biologists from different backgrounds spanning the latest research in cancer, microbiology, epigenetics, and proteomics. The session was opened by Joan Steitz who presented recent findings on Noncoding RNAs. Katrina presented her poster entitled: “Creating a 3D matricellular environment to promote islet expansion for diabetes therapy” as part of the Extracellular Matrices in Health and Disease session hosted by the ASBMB, and the abstract is published in Faseb J (see link below)

Katrina Viloria and Sharan Asher at the ASBMB conference in Boston.

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