SEC flys at Farnborough Airshow

A crew of Aerospace and Astronautic students and academics took off to the Farnborough Airshow to promote our research capabilities, facilities and courses to the trade, schools and families. As well numerous fly-bys from fighter jets and commercial planes – there were four huge halls packed with stands from the cream of industry and educational institutions.

During the event the team chatted to visitors about our range of accredited undergraduate and masters courses that provide the skills required of workforces today – and how we can help businesses create bespoke programmes to suit their specific needs. “We have worked with BAE Systems to create a Foundation Degree in Applied Aircraft Engineering for their apprentices that leads to our final year BSc (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering. This gives the student a recognised qualification that is accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society and leads to Incorporated Engineer Status.” Head of School Dr Peter Barrington explained, “We have a range of key partners to help us deliver both degree and bespoke programmes that will train tomorrow’s highflyers”.

The trade days allowed the team to network with industry to secure research and consultancy opportunities that will help provide our students with industry-based projects, potential placements and graduate job opportunities.

Professor Jian Wang attended to elaborate on the leading-edge research our experts in heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and composite materials and structures carry out for the industry. “Projects are wide and varied.” explained Prof Wang, “They have included variations of the bypass nozzle to improve thrust and fuel consumption; flat plate flow transition analysis to delay transition, reduce drag and thus save fuel and reduce emissions; engine nacelle anti-icing solutions to improve heat transfer efficiency – and the ‘crashworthiness’ of composite materials and structures”. 

Dr Adam Baker, Malcolm Claus and PhD researchers Jack James Marlow and Jevgenijs Trunins also launched into the benefits of the rarer facilities we have at our Roehampton Vale Campus  including a Drop Tower (the only one in the UK) used for microgravity research on combustion, fluid physics and bio-science projects – and a Rocket lab that’s the only chemical propulsion test facility in London – and houses the only modular bi-propellant rocket engine for students’ use in the UK. 

Parents and potential students got to hear from our own students how Kingston’s courses help get careers off to a flying start – thanks to our fab facilities, real-world projects and the research interests of staff that ensure our programmes are bang up-to date.

Paper planes simply flew off the stand – and visitors witnessed live rocket firings thanks to the NEW ‘rocket in a box exhibit’ created by Jack James to get people engaged in Rocket Science. “Firing a rocket on the stand caused quite a stir,” remarked Jack James, “we had the likes of Rolls Royce and MDBA Systems pop-over and congratulate us on such an exciting exhibit. Many had expensive and impressive bits of kit – but this was a little out of the ordinary for Farnborough”.

What’s more, our students (Liam Griggs, Alex Pickard, Will Arinze and Mohammad Jaunoo) got the chance to gather information to enhance their own studies and make contacts for the future – plus they have a key event to add to their CV under ‘public engagement experience.’

Find out more about our undergraduate, postgraduate and research opportunities – and you may get the chance to participate in an event like the Farnborough Airshow too.

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