Information, Social media and the election

Famously, Barak Obama is credited with using social media to aid his campaign to win the US Presidential election. In practice, he simply raised many small sums of money from a large constituency of supporters. The money went mainly on traditional forms of campaigning such as posters, meetings, TV adverts etc. In our general election, social media has already made its mark. The Labour party has sacked a candidate who made inappropriate remarks some time ago on Twitter ( Gaffs on media with such a wide audience are a potential minefield.
Sarah Brown’s extensive following on Twitter drew attention when it outstripped popular ‘Tweeter’ Stephen Fry ( David Cameron has produced regular webcasts for some time. But the BBC is informing the electorate on a broad front using a range of technologies (, including a modelling tool for the results, and summaries of where each party stands on each of the election issues.

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