Kingston offers a range of undergraduate courses in mathematics and statistics. This includes courses in Mathematical Sciences and Actuarial Science, and joint honours in Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and Statistics with Business, as well as with a range of computing and science combinations. The courses are delivered by highly qualified staff with a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching in an exciting and challenging environment for learning with modern, well-equipped facilities.

Our degrees focus on modern, readily applicable aspects of mathematics and statistics, giving the opportunity to explore how numerical approaches may be used in business, government and science. This practical approach is a key feature of our courses, but we also cover the underlying theoretical principles since a firm foundation is required to give you the confidence to tackle new and exciting problems.

We embrace computing as an aid because that reflects what happens in the real world – where you will have machines to do the routine work and help with the detailed calculations, leaving you to concentrate on the more interesting challenges. We will show you new ideas and techniques and then teach you to apply them in practical ways. We don’t expect you to learn loads of formulae – we’ll give you those in exams – but we’ll test how you use them.

Why Kingston?

  • Practical problem-based courses with (optional) industrial placement
  • High quality teaching by well-qualified, approachable staff
  • Use of business and industry standard computing packages embedded in the curriculum
  • Well equipped lecturing and computing facilities

Hear from our Mathematics graduates

Minbeom Park - Statistics with Business graduate

"I believe, without a doubt, the strong basic knowledge in statistics I learned at Kingston University, helped me tremendously during my work as a Sales & Market Analyst. In particular, I found that Kingston provides very unique and useful applied statistics undergraduate degrees (covering topics like Time Series and Forecasting Methods, Experimental Designs, etc) that other universities do not provide. For example, various forecasting methods allow me to build better business plans and strategies by having more accurate sales and market forecasts.

If you are interested in statistics and looking for any analytic related jobs in the future, I guarantee that Statistic course in Kingston University will help you to get what you wish for."

Alice Wightwick - Statistics with Applied Economics graduate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the three years I spent studying at Kingston University. I graduated in 2013 with a 2:1 in Statistics with Applied Economics (major in Statistics).

There were a great number of Statistics modules to choose from so I could cater my degree to suit my interests and strengths. The tutors were always available and approachable if ever I needed extra help with coursework or revision plus the MathsAid classes provided great opportunity for extra tutoring and to meet others on my course.

I've made some great friends at Kingston University and will continue to be close friends for a long time to come."

Aimee Murphy, Statistician, Department of Transport - graduate

"The best thing about studying maths at Kingston for me was the range of modules available to study as it meant being able to focus on areas I particularly enjoyed within maths and statistics and also take introductory modules in computing.

I really enjoyed the statistics modules (experimental design and medical statistics) which applied the theory we learnt in analysis and report writing. This prepared me very well for my current job. The lecturers were all very supportive and easy to contact outside of lectures, maths aid was also extremely helpful."

Catherine Thain - Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics graduate

"I had always known that I wanted to do a mathematical degree but I also wanted to be able to study something that would give me a more focussed steering into a career, and I found this in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. The course gave me a really good insight into what kinds of things I might encounter as an Actuarial Trainee.

I have met some of the most wonderful friends through having such a close-knit group"

What our current students say

Andy Gibson, Mathematical Science final year

"Studying mathematics at Kingston does not mean that you are confined to the lecture hall or classroom. The staff help shape the world around you making the curriculum interesting and challenging but also fun to learn. Mathematics is such a broad subject, but Kingston's course structure allows me to choose my own modules to meet my strengths and interests - meaning I have a course tailored to fit me!

Myself and my friends do hold a personal bond with several lecturers due to their openness and willingness to always help.

We are also just starting The Kingston Maths Society - created by students and partnered with the Mathematics - to bring together all students who have a passion for problems and numbers"

Edyta - Mathematics student (currently on placement)

"My course gave me opportunity to look on Maths from a very practical perspective. There is a good balance between practical sessions and lectures but if you struggle with the material there are many ways to get the support you need. After I graduate I'd like to work as a data analyst but I'm considering looking into IT related fields as well."

Aran - Mathematics and Statistics student

"At Kingston I found my Maths and Stats modules to be both engaging and enjoyable. My Maths modules deepened my knowledge of tackling problems and my Stats modules taught me range of skills that are not only practical but are also sought after in employment."

What our current students say

Arta - Mathematical Sciences student

"I like my course because it has taught me to think very analytically and tackle different problems of life situations. Academic staff are here to help - with a great sense of humour. Very good experience throughout the years! After graduation I shall carry on with my studies at Kingston"!

Chloé - Actuarial Science student

"Kingston university allows you to interact with all walks of life. Actuarial Science follows the style of the actuary professional exams and prepares you for the The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries examinations. Plus, Kingston University helps you from CV preparation to finding available Grad schemes".


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