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Research Students

Mr Jad AbbassProtein structure prediction using a lattice model constrained by sparse interaction data

Mr Olamidipupo AjigboyeDevelopment of an Integrated Dynamic Ontology for Tacit Knowledge Acquisition in Business Organisation

Mr Hamdan Al ShaerAssessment of coastal zone with reference to impact on ecological regime in Dubai

Miss Bashair Al ThaniA Quality Assured Framework for Cloud Adaptation and Migration of Enterprise Applications

Miss Fazeela AshiqInvestigating the involvement of FGFR signalling in cervical cancer using a 3D organotypic model

Mr Samer BazziAnalysis of the immune effects of two heat-killed (HK) whole cell mycobacterial preparation

Miss Ummara ButtUsing fatty acids to combat blindness in newborns caused by gonorrhoea infection

Mr Luke BywatersThe development of next generation ultra-fast detection assays for hospital acquired infections

Mr Fabio Carvalho Gomes Da SilvaEcosystem services from lowland peatlands

Mr Aleksei ChmuraEcological studies on the emergency of SARS and a predictive framework of a globalized spread of zoonotic diseases

Mrs Gordana CollierDeveloping novel embedded electronics, robotics and control engineering teaching materials based on applied reserach using industry standard software and hardware

Miss Amanda Dandagama MudiyanselageUnderstanding tumour-stroma interactions and the role of SPARC on cancer progression using 2D and 3D co- culture systems

Miss Monica DhobiForecasting trends in antibiotic resistance within clinically important hospital infections - Phase 1: retrospective study of antibiotic resistance

Mr Rajiv DhunnooDevelopment and characterisation of novel monoclonal antibodies against overexpressed human tumour cell surface antigens for use in cancer diagnosis and therapy

Miss Olga EleftheriadouRegulation of the PP2Ac, PP4c, PP6c and alpha4 signalling axis in the myocardium: roles in calcium homeostasis and myocyte hypertrophy

Dr Jonathan EpsteinUnderstanding the Ecology of Nipah Virus in Bangladesh

Ms Fahmina FardusThe evaluation of NMR techniques in quantitative sampling for non-destructive analysis of certified reference samples

Mrs Joline ForshawDevelopment of an upper cretaceous shale gas play: stratigraphy, palaeoenvironments and geotechnical properties

Mr Nikolaos FountasOptimized Sculptured Surface Machining Via Artificial Intelligent Techniques Based on the Virus Theory of Evolution

Mr Mohammed HabibRecognition of arterioles and venules on retinal fundus images

Mr Daniel HillsIn vitro characterisation of novel nitric donor oxide compounds

Miss Natasha HirstProtein kinase A signalling in cercariae and schistosomules of the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Miss Sinead HollandIdentification of mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Mr Christopher HoweThe transitional physiology of ultra-endurance runners

Ms Marina IsaacIncremental Parsing Algorithms for Use in Structured Editor Environments

Mrs Boladale IsawheQuality of experience in emerging wireless multimedia systems

Mr Andrius JakseviciusElucidation of mechanisms by which culinary herbs and spices exert their inhibitory action on the growth of CRC cells in vitro

Mr Ricky JamesExperiments, transgressions, health risks and individual differences in using anabolic steroids

Mr Nuwan Jayawardana WeerasingheSecure Smart Devices for Ubiquitous Communications

Mrs Mukti KarEngineering and Durability Performance of Composite Fly Ash Concrete

Dr Vijaya KaranamMaternal tissue perfusion and regulation of hypoxia gene in pre-eclampsia

Mr Ioannis KazantzidisVide-omics: A Darwinian Approach to Video Analysis

Mr Vasilios KeramarisA multi-methodological ontology driven framework for systems analysis

Mr Nauman KhanNext generation smart phone applications and interfaces

Miss Imane LahsiniStability of Trabectedin in Ambulatory Elastomeric Pumps

Mr Burhan LehriLactobacillus fermentum genome sequencing and analysis

Mr Thomas LevermoreInnovative powertrain control system of a premium vehicle

Mr Fadel LhafManipulating growth factor receptor trafficking to promote islet expansion as novel therapy for diabetes

Mr Marco MacchiFuel cascades and flammable cloud formation

Mr Louai MaghrabiA Novel Game Theoretic Framework for Information Security Risk Assessment in Cloud Environments

Mr Yash MakoondlallA requirement-driven approach for modelling distributed software architectures

Mr Faris ManshiSustainable construction for modern built environment

Mr Jack James MarlowLow cost bipropelland Rocket Engine

Miss Maxine MckenzieProtein kinase signalling induced by host growth factors in the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Mr Ahora Mehdi ToussiQoS and Energy Aware Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Mr Patrick MeliaPhosphorus recovery from wastewater

Miss Agne MikailionyteAssessing different styles of video game play as suitable visual training tasks for amblyopes and people with reading difficulties

Mr Mohammad MirshekariPre-stress losses in FRP reinforced elements at normal and elevated temperatures

Mr Peter MoneyGenome divergence events between MRSA and ST398: an in silico approach to investigate the evolutionary epidemiology of zoonotic/athronotic Staphylococcus aureus

Mr Valdemar Celestino MonteiroPositioning based Optimization for OFDM Wireless Systems

James MottaPattern of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection in Human Tonsils

Mr Carlos Munoz MoyaSpace Monopropellant Thruster Model for Simulation Design & Performance Analysis

Mrs Rahat NaeemA comprehensive study of homelessness and migration in Northern Rural and Urbane Centres in the near North Ontario, Canada, using GIS techniques

Mr Fadi NammourA Novel Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) to Support Clinical Diagnosis

Mrs Visakha NanayakkaraA wearable robotic hand with power assist

Mrs Maryam NasserQuery by content for medical image datasets

Mr James O'ConnorOptimisation of aerial surveying from UAVs

Mr Bassel OdehOptimising diseases prevention and management through technology

Mr Bamdad PadidarInvestigation into the effects of chemical agents on the process of dental enamel erosion by dietary acids

Mr Vignesh Pechiappan AyyathuraiUse of Fine Recycled Aggregates in Normal Grade Concrete Applications

Mr Istvan PocklingtonImpact performance of rubberised concrete

Mr Revanth RayasamDesign and systematic evaluation of lipid and polymer-based carrier systems for oral administration of therapeutic insulin

Mr Ikram Rehman4G-Health for Medical Video Streaming

Miss Sabrina RobertsThe roles of Correai repeat enclosed elements in regulation of gene expression in the Neisseria species

Mrs Flaminia RoncaThe efficacy of elastic resistance exercise in training and rehabilitation

Dr Racha Sabbagh Dit HawasliFeasibility of home therapy using ambulatory pumps and stability of corresponding medications

Mrs Neda SadriTextured Based Image Analysis of Medical Imaging

Mr Vasileios Sagias3D Adaptive Meshing using the Boundary Element Method within a modern CAD system environment for stress calculations.

Mr Navid ShokriSurface modification of intraocular lenses to reduce calcification

Ying Shuo
Miss Drishty SobnathMobile health for Innovative Integrated Care to COPD patients with comorbidities

Ms Gyoung Soon ChoiCross-Cultural Colour Understanding: From contextual and semantic characteristics to design frameworks

Mr Chris SpearmanIdentifying age-related risk markers for AML

Mr Aryan StanleyGrowth factor receptors, HPV and drug resistance antigens: their roles in the progression of breast cancer and response to therapeutics

Mr Eleftherios TelisStructural Optimisation for Bracing Projects using CAD/CAE and quality tools

Mrs Georgina Tjipura-ZaireThe humoral immune response in cattle to Mycoplasma mycoides small colony and its role in immunopathology

Miss Claire TreaseDesign and development of novel absorber coating for solar collector applications

Mr Jevgenijs TruninsInvestigation of the chaotic dripping in reduced gravity conditions

Miss Panagiota TselentiIntelligent Semantic User Model and Recommender Systems Combination for Presenting Personalised Tourist Information

Ms Ana VieiraProtozoa as a model for investigation of molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and survival in the environment

Ms Katrina ViloriaInvestigating matricellular protein function in a 3D environment to induce islet regeneration

Miss Niousha YarandiThe anti-inflammatory diet: assessment of composition and formulation of selected foodstuffs and natural products

Mr Gabriel YesufEffects of environmental change drivers on functional traits



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