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Dr Paraskevi Goggolidou

School/Department: Life Sciences, Pharmacy & Chemistry
Position: Senior Lecturer


Paraskevi completed her BSc in Molecular Genetics at King's College London in 2001. By then she had secured a competitive MRC PhD studentship at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford. The focus of the DPhil was the transcriptional regulatory mechanisms of the alpha-globin cluster. Subsequent to this, Paraskevi embarked on a MRC-funded career development fellowship at MRC Harwell, examining the role of primary cilia in embryonic development. Since 2008, she has obtained extensive teaching experience in Genetics and Health Sciences at the Open University and Kingston University London. Her research interests entail primary cilia in embryonic development and disease, with a particular emphasis on renal disease. Paraskevi's research lab is funded by the PKD charity UK.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • 2001 - 2006 DPhil. University of Oxford Title: " Investigation of potential regulatory elements in the mouse alpha-globin gene cluster"
  • 1998 - 2001 BSc Molecular Genetics, King's College London

Research Interests

The primary cilium has been shown to play a major role in development and disease by participating in the regulation of various signalling pathways. Paraskevi's work has indicated that genes controlling ciliogenesis and Left-Right asymmetry have, in addition to their known roles in cardiac patterning, major and unexpected roles in pulmonary, craniofacial, ocular and limb development with implications for human congenital malformation syndromes. Detailed investigation of one of these mouse lines, called gasping6 (Gpg6), revealed that Atmin is required for normal lung morphogenesis and ciliogenesis.

Recent discoveries have shown that the primary cilium is important for normal kidney morphogenesis and function and that the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway, incorporating non-canonical Wnt signalling, plays an important role in cystic kidney disease and requires the primary cilium. Using the Atmin mouse mutant Gpg6, Paraskevi's group showed for the first time that Atmin is critical for normal kidney development and presented evidence that Atmin is a novel effector molecule in the non-canonical Wnt/PCP pathway, with important implications for understanding the pathobiology of cystic kidney disease.

For more information on the role of Atmin in kidney development, see


2010 First prize from the Genetics Society of America for outstanding oral presentation on "A novel role for Atmin, controlling ciliogenesis through modulation of dynein light chain expression", 24th International Mammalian Genome Conference, Crete.
2001- 2006 MRC PhD Studentship.
2004 Travel studentship and outstanding poster presentation on the "regulation of the mouse alpha globin cluster", Keystone Symposium on the Emerging Mechanisms of Epigenetic Regulation, California, USA.


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10. Norris D.P., Ermakov A., Stevens J., Field S., Goggolidou P., Powles-Glover N. (2008) A genetic screen for situs abnormalities, Developmental Biology, 319 (2), 510.

Teaching Area

Undergraduate 1st year: LS4001 Genes, Cells and Tissues (Module leader)

Undergraduate 2nd year: LS5001 Molecular Biology of the Cell
LS5004 Research Methods and Concepts in Molecular Ecology and Evolution
LS5006 Research methods and topics in Forensic Biology
LS5009 Pathobiology

Undergraduate 3rd year: LS6001 Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics
LS6002 Current concepts in Biomolecular Science
LS6007 Clinical Applications of Biomedical Sciences

Postgraduate: LS7001 Research Techniques and Scientific Communication
LS7002 Immunology and Biology of Disease
LS7009 Biotechnology

Other Professional Activity

Honourary Research Fellow, Royal Free Hospital, UCL.
Visiting Fellow, MRC Harwell.
Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.
Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science.
Associate Lecturer, The Open University.
External Examiner in Biomedical Science BSc programme, University of East London/AKMI.
Member of the European Renal Association.
Member of the British Society of Cell Biology.
Member of the British Society of Developmental Biology.
Member of the Genetics Society, UK.
Member of the International Mammalian Genome Society.


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