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Dr Homayoun Hadavinia

School/Department: Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Position: Reader


Dr Hadavinia main work is concerned with measuring, modelling and predicting the performance and behaviour of composite structures, experimental and numerical modelling of adhesives and bonded joints, fatigue testing and modelling of bonded structures and lifetime prediction methodology of bonded composites and metallic materials.

Recently Dr Hadavinia has worked on crashworthiness of composite structures and characterisation of delamination fracture toughness under different loading modes. He extensively studied the interlaminar crack propagation in Mode-I, Mode-II and Mixed Mode I/II and their effect on the progressive crushing mode and specific energy absorption of composite structures. He also worked on the buckling of composite materials and studied the effect of stacking sequence on buckling of damaged composite laminates.

As renewable energy becomes a necessity for the survival of world population on the planet earth, he is directing his research to renewable energy and in particular to the design of small and large composite blades for wind turbine generators.

Dr Hadavinia has also contributed to the development of crack propagation model known as cohesive zone model (CZM). This modelling technique now becomes standard feature of many advanced commercial FEA software such as ABAQUS and ANSYS.

He applied a novel multiphase finite element methodology to analyse the mechanical behaviour of particulate composite structures at a micro- and nano- scale. Adopting a micromechanics-based approach in the study of material behaviour provides significant insight into the role of microstructure in macroscopic behaviour. The approach is particularly useful in the study of heterogeneous microstructures, composites and coated materials and in developing damage-based formulations for material failure.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • PhD, DIC, MSc, BSc

Research Interests

Composite Materials, Structural Impact, Damage of Composite Materials, Delamination of Composite Materials, Cohesive Zone Modelling of Composites, Composite Fatigue, Buckling of Composite Materials, Crashworthiness of Composite Materials, Failure Analysis, Hybrid Composites, Laminate Analysis, Material Characterisation, Multiphase Finite Element Method.

Teaching Area

Composite material, Composites structures, Fracture and fatigue of materials, Mechanics of materials, Finite element modelling, Micro mechanical modelling of materials, Adhesive bonding.

Other Professional Activity

Adhesion society, IOM


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