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Great people are a key part of making the Faculty a success, in its everyday running and its future development. Our academic staff have worked extensively in both research and industry and their experience is vital in shaping our courses and ensuring our students get the most relevant and up to date education available.

Our administrative and technical staff also play an important role, and by working closely alongside our academic staff, they keep the faculty running smoothly and effectively.

NameJob Title
Dr Babar AbbasSenior Lecturer in Cancer Biology
Dr Akbar AboutorabiPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Andy Adam-BradfordHourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Saturnin AdouaPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Zamzam AhmedResearch Associate
Dr Kamal AhmedSenior Lecturer
Prof. Eugene AidmanHonorary Appointment
Dr Luluwah Al-FagihSenior Lecturer In Financial Mathematics
Dr Ali Al-KinaniLecturer In Clinical Pharmaceutics
Mr Maqsood AlamResearch Associate
Prof. Raid AlanyHead of School
Dr Judith AllgroveSenior lecturer
Mr Graham AlsopAssociate Professor
Dr Vasileios ArgyriouAssociate Professor/Reader
Dr Francesca ArrigoniSenior Lecturer
Dr Hossein AshrafiAssociate Professor in Cellular Pathology
Dr Mohamad AskariPrincipal Lecturer
Mr Richard AtkinsVisiting Fellow
Dr Nigel AtkinsPrincipal Lecturer
Prof. Andy AugoustiProfessor
Dr Mehdi BahramiPost-Doctoral Research Fellow in Applied Optics
Mr Adnan BaigTeaching Fellow (Associate)
Dr Alistair BairdSenior Lecturer
Dr Adam BakerSenior Lecturer (Astronautics)
Dr James BarkerAssociate Professor (Reader in Analytical Science)
Prof. Sarah BarmanProfessor
Mr Stephen BarnesPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Pedro BarraAssociate Professor
Dr Peter BarringtonHead of Department of Aerospace & Aircraft Engineering
Dr Steve BartonPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Ian BeadhamLecturer In Organic Chemistry
Dr Redha Benhadj-DjilaliPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Penelope BidgoodHonorary
Mr Ali Bin JunaidResearch Associate
Dr James BlackHonorary Appointment
Mr Rodney BromfieldSenior Lecturer
Mr James BrounerLecturer in Notational Analysis and Coaching
Dr Douglas BrownSenior Lecturer In GIS And Human Geography
Dr Kerry BrownLecturer
Dr Sebastian BruecknerHonorary Research Fellow
Prof. Vesna Brujic-OkreticHead of Computing and Information Systems
Mr Steven BurchHourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Rosa BusquetsSenior Lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Chemistry
Dr Talal ButtResearch Associate
Ms Farida ButtTeaching Fellow
Prof. Chris CairnsProfessor
Dr Gianpiero CalabreseSenior Lecturer
Mr David CampbellResearch Associate
Dr Mark CarewSenior Lecturer
Ms Hope CatonLecturer
Dr Sandra CavanaghSenior Lecturer Civil Engineering & Construction
Prof. Robert ChaplowHonorary
Dr Andrew ChapmanLecturer In Inorganic Chemistry
Dr Jarinee ChattratichartSenior Lecturer
Dr Man-Chun ChauSenior Lecturer
Dr Anna CheahSenior Lecturer
Dr Huixin ChenSenior Lecturer
Mr Sunil ChhatraliaSenior Lecturer in Creative Technology
Dr Athina-Myrto ChioniSenior Lecturer In Biomedical Science
Dr Islam ChoudhuryPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Gillian ChristieSenior Lecturer
Mr Colin ChurchwardResearch Assistant
Dr Karen ClarkeSenior Lecturer
Dr Malcolm ClausSenior Lecturer In Space Engineering
Dr Tracey CoatesLecturer in Human Geography
Dr Alexia CokeLecturer – Sustainable Development Geographies
Dr Martin ColbertSenior Lecturer
Dr Janet ColeAssociate Professor
Dr Richard CookDeputy Head of School
Dr Hadrian CookSenior Lecturer in Sustainable Development
Mr Philip CrillyPharmacy Teaching Fellow
Dr Robin CrockettHonorary
Dr Andy CurleySenior Lecturer
Dr Kostas DanasSenior Lecturer
Dr Doni J DanielSenior Lecturer
Dr Clifford DansohSenior Lecturer
Ms Jenny DaveyFurther Mathematics Centre Manager
Mr Michael DaviesLecturer
Dr Mastaneh DavisSenior Lecturer
Dr Heidi Dawson-HobbisLecturer In Forensic Science
Prof Jamshid DehmeshkiProfessor of Medical Image Computing
Dr Siaka DembeleSenior Lecturer
Dr James Denholm-PriceAssociate Professor
Dr Maurice DixonVisiting Scholar
Dr Ted DonchevAssociate Professor in Structural Engineering, Director MSc courses in Civil Engineering
Dr Stuart DownwardCourse Director
Dr Olga DuranSenior Lecturer
Dr Alan DykesAssociate Professor in Civil Engineering
Dr David EdmondsonPart Time Lecturer
Prof Tim EllisProfessor
Dr Shereen ElNabhaniSenior Lecturer
Dr Amr ElShaerSenior Lecturer In Pharmaceutics
Dr John FarrowVisiting Professor
Dr Mahtab FarshchiSenior Lecturer In Building Surveying
Prof. Mark FielderProfessor of Medical Microbiology
Dr John FletcherSenior Lecturer
Dr Francisco Florez RevueltaSenior Researcher
Dr Alan FlowersPrincipal Lecturer in Technological Sciences
Prof. Peter FootEmeritus Professor in Pharmacy & Chemistry
Dr Gary Forster-WilkinsPrincipal Lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr Jaroslaw FrancikSenior Lecturer
Dr Nick FreestoneAssociate Professor
Mr John GarciaSenior Lecturer
Dr Peter GarsideSenior Lecturer
Dr Terry GaymesLecturer In Immunology & Haematology
Mr Christos GeorgiadisResearch Associate
Prof. Costas GeorgopoulosProfessor of Structural Engineering Practice
Dr Hessam GhasemnejadSenior Lecturer in Composite Materials
Dr Baljit GhatoraSenior Lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Science
Prof. Gavin GillmoreHead of Kingston Energy
Dr Paraskevi GoggolidouSenior Lecturer
Dr Piraveen GopalasingamGraduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Simon GouldLecturer in Microbiology
Mr Adam GraingerHonorary Lecturer
Dr Paul GrantLecturer
Dr Michael GrantHonorary
Dr Ronald GrauHonorary Appointment
Dr Ian GreatbatchAssociate Professor
Dr Darrel GreenhillAssociate Professor
Dr Ruth GriffinLecturer In Biochemistry And Genetics
Dr Jonathon GrovesHonorary
Dr Feng GuResearch Associate
Dr Homayoun HadaviniaReader
Dr Carl HallSenior Lecturer
Mr Paul HarbidgeHonorary
Dr Hasan HarogluSenior Lecturer
Dr Hany HassaninLecturer In Engineering Design And Manufacture
Mr Christopher HeadAssociate Professor
Dr Ali HeidariCourse Director - MEng/BEng Mechanical Engineering
Dr Natasha HillSenior Lecturer in Genetics and Molecular Biology
Dr Yee-Ping HoSenior Lecturer
Dr Peter HoodaReader
Mr Michael HopeAssociate Professor
Dr Andreas HoppeSenior Lecturer
Mr Philip HoughtonCollaborative Partner
Dr Annie HughesPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Gordon HunterSenior Lecturer
Dr Christopher HutchisonHourly Paid Lecturer
Ms Maia-Laura IbsenSenior Lecturer
Dr Suha JaradatLecturer in Built Environment
Dr Joan JarmanSenior Lecturer
Prof. Kym JarvisHonorary
Prof. Ian JarvisProfessor of Geochemistry
Dr Beryl JonesPrincipal Lecturer
Prof Derek JonesVisiting Professor
Prof Graeme JonesProfessor of Computer Vision
Dr Mark JonesSenior Lecturer
Dr Simon JonesVisiting Scholar
Dr Lucy JonesVice Dean
Mrs Dipa KamdarTeaching Fellow
Prof. Andrey KarlyshevProfessor of Microbiology
Prof. Reem KayyaliProfessor of clinical and applied pharmacy practice
Dr Alison KellyPrincipal Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Mary KellyLecturer In Human Geography
Dr Hsein KewAssociate Professor - Lead Admissions and Recruitment Tutor; Interim Head of Department
Prof. Souheil KhaddajProfessor
Dr Said KhelwattyPost Doctoral Researcher
Mr Reza KhodadadiAzadboniResearch Associate
Dr David KiddSenior Lecturer - GIS
Dr Caroline KimSenior Lecturer
Dr Ruth KirkAssociate Professor in Parasitology
Dr Mariko KishiSenior Lecturer
Dr Maximilian KleinubingSenior Lecturer In Aircraft Engineering
Dr Roman KresinskiSenior Lecturer
Dr Mariko KudoSenior Lecturer
Dr Pushpa KumarapeliSenior Lecturer
Mr Alexandros LadasResearch Associate
Dr Vincent K. LauPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Jan LauritzenSenior Lecturer
Dr Scott LawtonLecturer
Dr Pierre Le FurPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Adam Le GresleyAssociate Professor
Dr Michal LewandowskiResearch Associate
Dr Guang-Ning LiResearch Fellow
Prof Mukesh LimbachiyaHead of Natural and Built Environment
Dr Yujing LinSenior Lecturer In Aerospace Engineering
Mr John LindsayReader
Dr Nigel LingPrincipal Lecturer
Mr David LivingstoneSenior Lecturer
Dr Sing LoSenior Lecturer
Mr Michael LongmanPost Doctoral Researcher
Dr Andy LungPrincipal Lecturer
Mr Marco MacchiResearch Associate
Dr Dimitrios MakrisAssociate Professor - Interim Director of the Doctoral School
Dr Alistair MannSenior Lecturer
Miss Michelle ManningLecturer In Sport Biomechanics
Mr Denis MarchantFaculty Registrar
Dr Ana Marques GomesSenior Lecturer
Mrs Laura MartinelliHourly Paid Lecturer
Prof. Maria MartiniProfessor
Mr Waruna MasingheCurriculum Designer
Dr Julian MasonSenior Lecturer
Mrs Thuy MasonTeaching Fellow
Dr Leanne MayTeaching Fellow In Pharmacy Practice
Dr Donal McGladePostdoc Research Associate
Mr James McLeanVisiting Professor
Dr Robert MellorAssociate Professor
Dr Ricarda MicallefSenior Lecturer In Pharmacy Practice
Dr Stephanie MillsLecturer
Dr Hossein MirzaiiSenior Lecturer
Dr Calli MistryJoint Honours Co-ordinator SEC
Dr Maryam ModaraiHPL in Pharmacology
Prof. Helmout ModjtahediProfessor
Dr Hannah MoirLecturer in Health & Exercise Prescription
Dr Dorothy MonekossoVisiting Academic
Prof. Richard MoodyEmeritus Professor
Ms Michelle MorganPrincipal Lecturer
Dr Huda MorganSenior Lecturer in Chemistry
Miss Anna MorganLecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology
Miss Lauren MulcahyPost-Doctoral Researcher
Dr Hilda MulrooneySenior Lecturer in Nutrition
Dr Siva P R MuppalaSenior Lecturer
Dr Pamela MurphySenior Lecturer
Dr Karim NasrSenior Research Fellow
Mr Moustafa NasrallaSec Research Computer Science
Prof. Declan NaughtonProfessor of Biomolecular Science, Interim Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise
Dr Jean-Christophe NebelAssociate Professor
Dr Tamas NepuszHonorary Appointment
Mr Paul NeveLecturer
Dr Viet NguyenResearch Assistant
Dr Jonathan NixonSenior Lecturer
Dr Miroslav NovakDirector of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Joshua OmerSenior Lecturer
Dr Peter OmiyiResearcher
Dr Elizabeth OparaAssociate Professor
Prof. James OrwellProfessor
Ms Nazli Ozdemir
Dr Anil PadhraSenior Lecturer In Aviation Studies
Dr Nigel PageSchool Director of Learning and Teaching
Dr Tina PapadopoulouHead of Department of Construction and Surveying, Associate Professor
Ms Swati PatelSenior Lecturer
Dr Parneet PaulAssociate Professor
Dr Dhayaneethie (Dhaya) PerumalSenior Lecturer, Clinical Pharmaceutics
Dr Diana PetkovaSenior Lecturer
Prof. Andrea PetrocziProfessor of Public Health
Dr Sergio PezzulliSenior Lecturer
Dr Eckhard PfluegelSenior Lecturer
Dr Nada PhilipAssociate Professor
Dr Ian PiperHead of Foundation year
Prof. Christos PolitisProfessor
Dr Elena PolycarpouLecturer in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Dr Beth PummellSenior Lecturer in Sports Psychology
Prof Salah QanadliVisiting Professor
Prof. Andy RankinEmeritus
Dr Robert RaynerSenior Lecturer In Motorsport Engineering
Mr Manzoor RazaakResearch Associate
Dr Omid RazmkhahPost-Doctoral Researcher
Prof. Kenneth ReidProfessor
Prof. Paolo RemagninoProfessor
Dr Layla RenshawAssociate Professor in Forensic Science
Prof John RobertsProfessor Emeritus
Dr Steve RobinsonSenior Lecturer in Immunology and Microbiology
Dr Brian RooneyLecturer
Prof. Steve Ross-TalbotVisiting Professor
Dr Rosetta RuizResearch Assistant
Dr Colin RyallPart Time Lecturer
Dr Ali RyanSenior Researcher
Dr Nasrollah SaebiSenior Lecturer
Prof. M. Necip SahinkayaProfessor, Head of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof Alireza SalehiVisiting Professor
Mrs Talut SaqiTeaching Fellow
Dr Christopher SatowLecturer In Physical Geography
Dr Sianne SchwikkardLecturer in Organic and Natural Products Chemistry
Dr Alan SeddonAssociate Professor
Dr Iltaf ShahPostdoctorial Research Assistant
Dr Imran ShahidHourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Gemma ShearmanLecturer In Physical/Computational Chemistry
Dr A ShihabSenior Lecturer
Prof. Edith SimHonorary
Dr Alex SinclairSenior Lecturer
Dr Richard SingerDeputy Head of School
Dr Terry SitholeSenior Lecturer In Actuarial Science
Dr Mike SmithReader in Remote Sensing
Dr Andrew SnabaitisSenior Lecturer
Dr Lori SnyderReader in Biotechnology
Dr Peter SoanPrincipal Lecturer
Prof. Peter SpearmanProfessor
Dr Owen SpendiffPrincipal Lecturer in Physiology
Dr Roger StewartProfessor Emeritus
Dr Michael StolinskiLecturer in Life Sciences
Prof. Michael SutcliffeDean Of SEC / PVC
Dr Andrew SwanDeputy Head of School
Dr Nicola Swann (nee Smith)Senior Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Biomechanics
Prof Donald Swift-HookVisiting Professor
Dr Rosalind TaylorVisiting Senior Fellow
Prof. Michael TooleyHonorary
Prof. Peter TreloarProfessor
Dr Dimitris TsaptsinosAssociate professor
Dr Martin TunnicliffeSenior Lecturer
Dr Samireh VahidLecturer
Mrs Melandi Van Den BergHonorary Appointment
Dr Anil VangalaSenior Lecturer
Prof. Sergio A VelastinVisiting Professor of Applied Computer Vision
Dr Demetrios VenetsanosSenior Lecturer
Dr Gillian VennSenior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr Nikolaos VitzilaiosSenior Lecturer in Robotics
Dr Konstantin VolkovSenior Lecturer
Dr Abdul WaheedPart time lecturer
Prof. Nigel WalfordProfessor of Applied GIS
Prof. Tony WalkerProfessor in Cell Biology
Mr Paul WallerPrincipal Lecturer in Clinical Chemistry. Course Director, MSc Biomedical Sciences
Prof. Martyn WallerProfessor
Dr Qingsong WangResearcher
Prof. Jian WangProfessor of Aircraft Engineering
Dr Yawei WangSenior Lecturer
Dr Indika WanninayakeSenior Lecturer
Prof Jennifer WenVisiting Professor
Prof. David WertheimProfessor
Dr Karen WhitingSenior Lecturer in Haematology and Immunology
Dr Helen WicksteadHourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Sumangali WijetungeLecturer In Pharmacology
Mr Kelvin WilliamsSenior Lecturer
Dr Neil WilliamsDirector of Faculty Feedback & Student Experience
Dr Nicholas WoodPrincipal Lecturer
Prof. Francis WrayVisiting professor
Dr Chris WymanSenior Lecturer
Mr Manjiang YangResearcher
Dr Yufeng YaoHourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Lasif YasakethuResearch Associate
Dr Chen-An YuLecturer In Sport And Exercise Psychology
Dr Francesco ZanlungoLecturer In Applied Mathematics
Dr Xianzhi ZhangLecturer In Engineering Design And Manufacture
Prof Tao ZhangProfessor
Dr Sergei ZhubrinVisiting Professor
Dr Hamid Zolghadrzadeh-JahromiSenior Lecturer
Dr Yahya ZweiriAssociate Professor

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