Prof Andy Augousti

Andy Augousti is Professor of Applied Physics and Instrumentation, and Director of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing at Kingston University London. He has published over 100 refereed journal and conference publications, 3 patents, 5 volumes of edited conference proceedings, and is a Series Editor for a book series on Sensors and Instrumentation published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

He has organised over 40 conferences and meetings, chaired three national conferences, and organised and delivered 15 short courses in the UK, France and China. He has international research links in China, Ireland, Poland and his work has been funded by the EPSRC, the former DTI, the EU, the British Council, the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

He is a Chartered Physicist and a Chartered Engineer, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the Institute of Measurement and Control. He is a recipient of the President's Award of Tianjin University, and the Honeywell International Medal of the Institute of Measurement and Control. He has been a Director of four limited companies, and also holds an MBA.

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Thoracocardiogram (TCG) and abdominocardiogram ( ACG) normalised superimposed response curves and their means for four subjects.
Thoracocardiogram (TCG) and abdominocardiogram ( ACG) normalised superimposed response curves and their means for four subjects. The signals, obtained from an optical fibre figure-of-eight macrobending-based sensor, from each subject are shown in each column, with the first row containing the sequence of superimposed TCG signals and the second row displaying the mean of these values. The third and fourth rows show the equivalent series and mean for the ACG signals. The time origin of each window indicates the R wave position of the corresponding ECG signal that is acquired simultaneously.

Selected Publications

  1. Construction and calibration of a new design of fiber optic respiratory plethysmograph (FORP) F.-X. Maletras, A. T Augousti and J. Mason SPIE 4444 Proceedings of Optomechanical Design and Engineering 2001 p285-293 2-3rd August 2001 San Diego, USA
  2. Improved fibre optic respiratory monitoring using a figure-of-eight fiber optic coil A.T. Augousti, F.-X. Maletras and J. Mason Physiological Measurement 26 (2005) p585-590 (2005) (ERA: A)
  3. Evaluation of cardiac monitoring using fibre optic plethysmography A.T. Augousti, F.X.-Maletras and J.Mason Annals of Biomedical Engineering 34(3) pp416-425 (2006) (ERA: A*)
  4. Fiber optic plethysmography for non-invasive cardiac monitoring A.T. Augousti (Invited article) Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management 12 (2007) p42-43
  5. Ion flux through membrane channels - an enhanced algorithm for the Poisson-Nernst-Planck model W. Dyrka, A. T. Augousti and M. Kotulska J Comp Chem doi: 10.1002/jcc.20947 (2008) (ERA: A)
  6. Comparative analysis of the isovolume calibration method for non-invasive respiratory monitoring techniques based on area transduction versus circumference transduction using the connected cylinders model A.T.Augousti and A. Radosz Physiol. Meas. 32 (2011) 1265-1274 (ERA: A)

Invited presentations

  1. The Fibre Optic Respiratory Plethysmograph - an overview A.T.Augousti, J.Mason and F.X.Maletras (invited presentation) Institute of Physics Annual Congress, Brighton 19.3.2001
  2. Review of optical sensors for physiological monitoring A.T. Augousti (Invited presentation) Proceedings of Recent Advances in Fiber Optics and Photonics 25-27th August 2006, Roorkee, India p14-16 (2006)
  3. Physiological monitoring using fibre optic sensors A.T. Augousti (Invited presentation) Proceedings of Indo-UK Workshop on Fibre Optic Sensors 29-31st August 2006 Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India (2006)



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