Sport, Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health Research Group (SENPHRG)

Previous Events

  • 2nd July 2014, Prof Andrea Petroczi, 'From curiosity-driven research to impact: The story of the Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping'
  • 25th June 2014, Dr Derek Craston Chief Scientific Officer LGC, 'Monitoring Food Safety and Authenticity in a Changing World'
  • 5th July 2013- Official Formation of the Sport, Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health Research Group.
  • 4th July 2013- Pablo Domene presented 'The Efficacy of Latin Social Dancing as a Health-Enhancing Leisure-Time Physical Activity for Adults' at the IhSHA event.
  • 29th April 2013- Hilda Mulrooney, Shereen ElNabhani (Pharmacy & Chemistry), Hannah Moir and students presented 'Health Ambassadors on campus: an inter-professional project' at the SADRAS dissemination event.
  • 12th April 2013- Hannah Moir and Magali Chohan presented 'The insights to using social media' at the SEC Faculty Learning and Teaching Conference.
  • 20th March 2013- Group Meeting. Russ Peters presented Biomechanical research and application.
  • 30th Jan 2013- Group Meeting. Zak Waugh, Grand Valley State University intern presented his projecs.
  • 18th Jan 2013- Special meeting- Dr Yannis Pitsiladis, 'The genetics of world-class athletes- what we know'. Physiological Society Seminar.
  • 5th Dec 2012- SGUL Research Day Students and staff attended. Poster presentation- Muggeridge DJ, Howe CCF, Spendiff O, Pedlar C, James PE & Easton, C. The effects of a single dose of concentrated beetroot juice on performance in trained flatwater kayakers.
  • 12th June 2012- Group Meeting.
  • 9th May 2012- Group Meeting. Pablo Domene presented on his PhD - Latin Social Dancing as a Health-Enhancing Leisure-Time Physical Activity.
  • 25th Jan 2012- Group Meeting. Hannah Moir presented on the exercise regulated biochemical mechanisms of immune function, glucose regulation and diabetes control.
  • 23rd Nov 2011- Group Meeting. Paul Waller presented on iron metabolism and the involvement of hepcidin and inflammation.
  • 19th Oct 2011- Group Meeting. Beth Pummell presented on career transitions in sport.

SENPHRG: Publications for Jan-June 2015

The contributions of oxidative stress, oxidised lipoproteins and AMPK towards exercise-associated PPARγ signalling within human monocytic …

Congratulations to Pablo Domene (SEC Research- Sport Science)

on passing his PhD viva in May 2015 on “Efficacy of Latin dance as a health-enhancing …

Sport Science Team train Marathon Des Sables athletes

Our Sport Science Consultancy Team  (Chris Howe, Ivan Vatolik and Dr Hannah March) have been busy …

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The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing hosted a stand to demonstrate KU’s expertise in the …

Grant Success for SENPHRG Researcher Professor Andrea Petroczi

Prof Andrea Petroczi and Andy Hudson (Associate Dean for Education Partnerships in the Faculty of Health, …

Congratulations to Ali Besim on the successful defense of his MSc thesis

Besim Ali, MSc By Research Student successfully defended his MSc thesis this week. Title: Comparisons of Time-Motion …

SENPHRG: Publications for November 2014

Stimulus-response compatibility tests of implicit preference for food and body image to identify people at risk …

SENPHRG: Recent Publications – October 2014

A single dose of beetroot juice enhances cycling performance in simulated altitude. Muggeridge DJ, Howe CCF, …