Sport, Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health Research Group (SENPHRG)

Welcome to the homepage of the Sport, Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health Research Group that brings together a diverse array of researchers from across the Faculty of Science, Engineerng and Computing.

Our research aims to investigate the impact of sport, nutrition and exercise on health, well being, disease and human performance as well as the influence of human behaviour and public health initiatives on long term health through inter-disciplinary research.

Our research expertise spans a wide range of areas including the effect of sport, exercise and nutrition at the cellular and molecular level, and their contribution to health and well being, biomechanical, nutritional, physiological, pharmacological and psychological factors that affect human performance, and the influence of public health initiatives on human behaviour and vice versa.

We work with sport professionals, clinicians, regulatory bodies, patients and fellow researchers, both national and international, from the worlds of academia and industry to advance knowledge and understanding of factors that are major contributors to human performance and the health and well being of individuals and populations.

Our research support includes a range of bodies and organisations including:- the MRC/National Prevention Research Initiative Phase 4; the World Anti-Doping Agency; the Foods Standards Agency; The British Academy; the Department for Business Innovation & Skills; the Laboratory of the Government Chemist; the National Measurement Office; the London Development Agency; Neal's Yard Remedies; GlaxsoSmithKline; South West London Academic Network; The Organix Foundation; Kingston University Enterprise Investment Fund; EU FP6; ESRC.

Our research is focused into three main themes, namely:

  1. Physical activity, health and well-being
    Hannah Moir, James Brouner, Judith Allgrove , Beth Pummell , Declan Naughton , Nicola Swann , Andrea Petroczi
  2. Sport Performance
    Owen Spendiff, Beth Pummell, Nick Tiller, Michelle Manning, Laura Martinelli, James Brouner
  3. Nutrition and Public Health
    Elizabeth Opara, Mike Stolinski, Declan Naughton, Andrea Petroczi, Judith Allgrove, Pedro Barra, Calli Mistry, Hilda Mulrooney


Core MembersHonorary Members
Hannah Moir (Sport and Exercise Science)Chris Easton (Sport and Exercise Science)
University of West Scotland
Elizabeth Opara (Nutrition)Ann-Marie Knowles (Sport and Exercise Science)
University of Strathclyde
Judith Allgrove (Sport and Exercise Science)Magali Chohan (Nutrition)
St Mary's University
Pedro Barra (Nutrition)Katie Dray (Sport and Exercise Science) Canterbury Christ Church University
James Brouner (Sport and Exercise Science)
Chris Howe (Sport and Exercise Science)Current Research Students
Michelle Manning (Sport and Exercise Science)Besim Ali (MSc- Sport and Exercise Science)
Laura Martinelli (Sport and Exercise Science)Pablo Domene (PhD- Sport and Exercise Science)
Calli Mistry (Life Sciences)Chris Howe (PhD- Sport and Exercise Science) DOS: Dr Hannah Moir
Hilda Mulrooney (Nutrition)Ricky James (PhD - Life Sciences)
Declan Naughton (Life Sciences)
Andrea Petroczi (Life Sciences)Bamdad Padidar (PhD - Life Sciences)
Ian Piper (Life Sciences)Rishi Patel (PhD - Sport and Exercise Science) DOS: Dr Owen Spendiff
Beth Pummell (Sport and Exercise Science)Joel Paul (PhD - Life Sciences)
Iltaf Shah (Life Science)Katharina Poppel (PhD - Life Sciences)
Syeda Shah (Life Sciences)Ezra Rashid (PhD - Life Sciences)
Owen Spendiff (Sport and Exercise Science)Danny Rich (MSc by Research - Life Sciences)
Mike Stolinski (Life Sciences)Kelly Jane Robertson (PhD - Life Sciences)
Nicola Swann (Sport and Exercise Science)Nella Sole (MSc by Research - Life Sciences)
Nick Tiller (Sport and Exercise Science)Julie Vargo (PhD - Life Sciences)
Paul Waller (Life Sciences)Niousha Yarandi (PhD - Life Sciences)

If you wish to contact the group please email: Hannah Moir (or Elizabeth Opara)



Research Projects

Future Events

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External Collaborators

  • University of Munster (Germany)
  • Westminster Kingsway College (London)
  • Loughborough University
  • Kent University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • AFC Wimbledon
  • Fulham FC
  • International Tennis Federation
  • London Irish RFC
  • London Wasps RFC