Fire, Explosion & Fluid Dynamics

The theme was established at Kingston University in 1998. It aims to deliver high quality research, postgraduate training and consultancy services in fire and explosion modelling as well as environmental flows. Our research internationally renowned for its modelling capabilities based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques with a primary focus on large eddy and direct numerical simulations (LES and DNS) and RANS-based CFD for problems involving very large domain.

With a clear focus on models development to address the underlying physical and chemical processes, we have established a niche that strikes a fine balance between fundamental research, high quality publications and industrial applications related to fire and explosion safety in the built environment, transport systems, process plants and offshore platforms.
The main research activities are grouped in the following key areas:

  • Fire Research
  • Explosion Research
  • Fire/Explosion prevention, Protection and Mitigation
  • Hazardous Release and Dispersion
  • Fundamental Research Developments
  • Complex Flow Systems Modelling and Simulation

For general enquiries contact the Theme Leader, Dr Siaka Dembele at