Diabetes Research - Dr Nada Philip

Has more than 8 years of experience in mobile healthcare (mhealth). She has been involved in more than five national and international mhealth projects in the areas of chronic disease management, decision support systems, behavioural change management, telehealth and telecare in developing countries, and medical video streaming.

She has expertise in the full life cycle of user (patient/healthcare professional) centred mhealth service development and this includes user requirement identification and evaluation, the design and development of the services both from the software development and hardware connectivity aspects, and system implementation and integration.

In particular her experience includes the development of optimised adaptive and self tuning control systems based on data mining, machine learning, modelling and predictive control mechanisms. She is knowledgeable in the infrastructure and connectivity of Body Area Network, Internet of Things and 4G communications system including WiMAX and TE based mobile systems.

Her expertise also includes medical mobile multimedia communication including image and video processing, analysis and streaming and the provision of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience from the medical prospective.

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