Diabetes Research - Dr Anil Vangala

Current research

A fair part of my research background involved investigation of immuno-potentiating activity of particulate delivery systems such as liposomes and niosomes in DNA and subunit vaccination. Recently I've started exploring the feasibility of administering insulin for type 1 and type 2 diabetes via non-invasive routes. I have a research student working with me to develop a polymer based nanosystem loaded with therapeutic protein insulin, which in turn is embedded in an enteric capsule, for oral delivery.


I have experience in conducting preformulation studies and formulation development. This includes - characterisation of drug delivery systems in terms of their particle size, surface charge, encapsulation efficiency; evaluation of the release profile of the encapsulated moiety in simulated media; evaluation of the stability and the protection efficiency of the delivery system in various environmental conditions; determination of the morphological characteristics of the delivery system using various microscopy techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM), studying the uptake and cytotoxicity of formulations on various cell lines in vitro.

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Figures above: Chitosan based microparticles loaded with insulin.