Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Group (DCRG)

Welcome to the webpage of the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research group, a diverse group that brings together diabetes and cardiovascular disease researchers from across the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing with the aim of improving patient treatment and quality of life through inter-disciplinary research. Our expertise spans basic cell and molecular biology, drug design and delivery, diagnostics, and patient monitoring using the latest mobile health technology. We work with patients, clinicians, and international experts to investigate basic mechanisms of the disease process and to make sure that our research will have a positive translational impact on the lives of people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Our research is focused into three main themes:

  1. The pathology of diabetes and its role in cardiovascular disease and other complications
    Natasha Hill, Mike Stolinski, Paul Waller, J-C Nebel, Barbara Pierscionek,
    Mark Fielder, Andrew Snabaitis, Francesca Arrigoni
  2. Technology in patient care and well-being
    Reem Kayyali, Nada Philip, J-C Nebel, Anil Vangala,
    Raid Alany, Sarah Barman
  3. Exercise and nutrition in diabetes care and prevention
    Judith Allgrove, Hannah Moir, Hilda Mulrooney


Core MembersHonorary Members
Raid Alany (Pharmacy and Chemistry)Dr Donatella Casiglia, Consultant
Diabetologist at Bromley Hospital
Judith Allgrove (Sport Sciences)
Francesca Arrigoni (Pharmacy and Chemistry)Chris Easton (Sport Sciences)
Sarah Barman (Computing) 
Mark Fielder (Life Sciences) Current Research Students
Natasha Hill (Life Sciences) Emma Ashley
Reem Kayyali (Pharmacy and Chemistry) Amtul Bhunnoo
Hannah Moir (Sport Sciences) Simone Benedetti (Life Sciences)
Hilda Mulrooney (Nutrition) Amanda Dandagama (Life Sciences)
Jean-Christophe Nebel (Computing) Cristina Domingos
Nada Philip (Computing) Olga Eleftheriadou (Life Sciences)
Barbara Pierscionek (SEC) Najma Easa
Andrew Snabaitis (Pharmacy and Chemistry) Nico Lambri (Life Sciences)
Mike Stolinski (Life Sciences) Fadel Lhaf (Life Sciences)
Anil Vangala (Pharmacy and Chemistry) Basu Paudyal (Life Sciences)
Paul Waller (Life Sciences) Aliki Peletidi (Pharmacy & Chemistry)
  Jamila Rahim
Associate Members Revanth Rayasam (Pharmacy & Chemistry)
Mark Carew (Pharmacy and Chemistry) Geerthi Tharmadas (Life Sciences)
Gary Forster-Wilkins (Life Sciences) Katrina Viloria (Life Sciences)
Lucy Jones (SEC) Shamaine King
Declan Naughton (Life Sciences) Johanna Laibe
Nigel Page (Life Sciences) Charlie Nimenko-Parkes
Steve Robinson (Life Sciences) Mahfuja Bulu
  Past Research Students
Post-doctoral Scientists Madhuri Dandamudi (Life Sciences)
Jonathan Cowan Pablo Domene (Sports Sciences)
  Nirun Hewawasam (Life Sciences)
  Bassel Odeh (Computing)
Claire Ryall (Life Sciences)
  Henry Taylor (Life Sciences)
  Dhwani Thakkar (Life Sciences)
  Azfar Zahid (Life Sciences)

If you wish to contact the group please email Natasha Hill



Future Events

  • 22 March 2017 1.00pm–2.00pm (JG5008) Research presentation - Katrina Viloria 'Matricellular proteins in islet function'
  • 19 April 2017 1.00pm–2.00pm (JG5008) Research presentation - tbc
  • 17 May 2017 1.00pm–2.00pm (JG5008) Research presentation - Natasha Luckhurst 'Vascular injury and repair in children with infection'

Please contact Natasha Hill for further details.

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