Civil Engineering and Construction

Civil Engineering is a multi-disciplinary team developed initially with support from the Science Research Investment Fund of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The Civil Engineering theme has an interdisciplinary team of engineers, geologists, hydrologists, materials scientists and computer technology scientists. Its research funding is widely based, with grants being obtained from industry, Research Councils and the government. This combination has brought with it a culture where industry and academia can work together to optimise design and practice in civil engineering and construction for its cost-effectiveness, whilst allowing flexibility for radical innovation and sustainable development.

Research is organised thematically in three main areas

    Structures and Materials

    • Concrete and masonry technology
    • Concrete construction
    • Sustainable construction materials
    • Structural analysis and design

    Ground and Water Engineering

    • Engineering geology and geomorphology: landslide science
    • Natural hazards and risk analysis
    • Foundations and highways
    • Hydraulic structures

    Construction Methods and Management

    • Design and construction process and quality management
    • Sustainable/environmental assessment tools for buildings
    • Building Information Modelling (BIM) in interdisciplinary practices
    • Professionalism in digitally-mediated projects

For general enquiries, please contact the Theme Leader, Dr Ted Donchev, or the Research Centre Director, Dr Alan Dykes.