Self-funded Project Ideas - MSc by Research

These current research project ideas have been suggested by academic staff for self-funding students. Please contact the staff member involved directly for further information.


Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

Post-impact failure in offshore wind turbine blade materials under extreme conditions MSc by Research
FRP composite material design technology has become a main factor in structural integrity to design of composite substructures in various engineering disciplines. In particular case offshore wind turbine blades are typically manufactured from FRP composites and delamination failure is an important issue in these structures.
Dr Hessam Ghasemnejad

Cost effective monitoring and anti-icing system for maximum performance, safety and minimise the maintenance MSc by Research
The aim of this research is to develop and demonstrate a novel cost effective monitoring and anti icing system for the maximum performance and safety, and at the same time minimising the maintenance.
Dr Hessam Ghasemnejad & Prof Jian Wang

Sustainable design of internal combustion engines MSc by Research
Internal combustion engines (ICE) play a dominant role in the fields of power, propulsion and energy. Sustainable design of ICEs is strongly linked to the fuels burnt and the overall efficiency, and reliable injection and ignition are required for relevant system performance. Ignition and combustion processes strongly affect the formation of pollutants and the extent of fuel conversion.
Dr Konstantin Volkov

Finite Element (FE) Modelling of the human eye with experimental validation MSc by Research
The eyes are the major sensory organs of vision. The cornea and sclera are remarkably resilient to the ageing process but not to disease processes and, are potentially weakened after surgery because of alterations in the material properties. However, we still do not understand how the material properties of the cornea and sclera change with age, disease and surgical procedures.
Prof Jian Wang

Civil Engineering and Construction

Multimodal imaging and analysis for characterisation of properties of solid materials MSc by Research
Material surface and internal structures such as porosity and crystal boundaries are important features and can be examined using different imaging modalities. For example the surface and internal structure of geological and construction materials can be imaged using microscopy.
Dr Ted Donchev

Artificial Intelligence method of predicting the load capacity and settlement behaviour of pile foundations MSc by Research
It is proposed to develop an Artificial Intelligence method, utilising MatlabTM Neural Networks (ANN) modelling, of predicting the load capacity and settlement behaviour of pile foundations commonly used in the UK.
Dr Joshua Omer

Computing and Information Systems

Determining the Origin of Digital Imagery MSc by Research
Digital cameras such as mobile phones, webcams, consumer cameras or CCTV cameras have become widely available in recent years. Supporting technologies have ensured that acquisition, storage, distribution and visualisation of enormous volumes of video material is within the reach of all. Consequently such imagery is likely to play an increasing role as evidence in police investigations or for courts of law.
Dr Darrel Greenhill

Quantitative assessment of fibroblast dynamics by novel image processing MSc by Research
This project, which will be undertaken collaboratively with the Polish Academy of Science is concerned with the quantitative image-processing based assessment of the dynamics of living cells observed by phase contrast microscopy. The aim is to extend our previously developed cell image segmentation method to enable the assessment of cell membrane dynamics.
Dr Andreas Hoppe

High content screening of cancer cell morphometrics by novel image processing approach MSc by Research
This multi-disciplinary project, which will be undertaken in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, aims to develop a novel stochastic image vision based screening approach to provide a soft segmentation of 3D cellular objects and thus minimising uncertainties in this process.
Dr Andreas Hoppe

High Performance Cloud Computing: The Management of Complex Scientific and Engineering Problems MSc by Research
Recently, Cloud Computing has emerged as a new large-scale distributed computing paradigm which can offer an alternative to traditional infrastructures. Thus, the aim of this project is to design and develop a new generic decision making Cloud broker for the management of scientific and engineering applications.
Dr Souheil Khaddaj

A twenty first century approach to detecting doping in sport maximising computational predictions for novel drugs MSc by Research
Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are prohibited by sport governing bodies and governments signatories to the WADA Anti-Doping Code. Not only does their usage flout sports ethics and gives unfair advantage during competition, but they are harmful to athletes' health.
Dr Jean-Christophe Nebel

Prediction of homodimer interaction sites and evaluation of their dissociation potential MSc by Research
The aim of this project is, first, to apply machine learning techniques to analyse known protein interactions in a head-to-tail configuration in order to discover specific patterns. Second, binding descriptors will be designed to allow automatic detection of potential homodimer interaction sites. Finally, the strength of those sites will be quantified to assess their stability.
Dr Jean-Christophe Nebel

Impact of telehealth and telecare on patient outcomes in Croydon MSc by Research
This project in collaboration with Croydon health authority aims at implementing a telehealth system for patients with long term conditions at home and in nursing/residential homes. The project will consist of a needs assessment to identify key patients, monitoring parameters and barriers and facilitators for implementation.
Dr Nada Philip

Evaluation of location tracking techniques for Wireless Forensics MSc by Research
In this proposal the main focus is to consider location tracking techniques when a wireless medium is attacked. The work to be undertaken will highlight current limitations through experimentation and propose solutions to overcome such drawbacks.
Dr Dimitris Tsaptsinos

Explorations on Data Mining Techniques for Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection MSc by Research
The objective of the study is to learn the lessons from the work already undertaken for wired network intrusion, identify the issues that discriminate wired and wireless, to select an appropriate data mining approach and through the use of controlled experiments to evaluate and analyse the results when employed for a wireless network.
Dr Dimitris Tsaptsinos

Geography, Geology and Environment

Evaluation of methods to increase the density of extracted elevation points using digital photogrammetry MSc by Research
Digital elevation models (DEMs) form a primary input to the production of topographic maps, as well as applications involving environmental modelling and monitoring. The focus of this proposal is the evaluation of methods designed to maximise the density of extracted elevation points from photogrammetric software utilising an image matching process. Surface measurements are automatically derived by initially identifying high contrast "interest points" appearing on each photograph.
Dr Mike Smith

Life Sciences

Association of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and non cervical cancers: Breast and Oesophageal cancers MSc by Research
Despite the medical importance of Breast Cancer (BC) and Oesophageal Cancer (OEC), few studies have been conducted on the causative factors associated with the development of these cancers.
Dr Hossein Ashrafi

Determine which virulence factor/s are important in the spread of pandemic strains of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus vie RT-PCR comparison MSc by Research
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is recognised as a major challenge for healthcare settings worldwide. Strains of MRSA may be classified as local/regional, epidemic or pandemic.
Dr Simon Gould

Antibiotic Resistance within Clinically Important Hospital Infections MSc by Research
The project will build upon preliminary work showing that changes in DNL can be measured using this protocol. Measures of DNL will be compared to those derived by the more expensive and time consuming, gold standard technique using non-radioactive stable isotopes. Techniques trained will include; lipid purification, ultracentrifugation, GC-MS and the handling of blood samples.
Dr James Denholm-Price & Dr Simon Gould

The role of iron in the development of diabetes MSc by Research
Recent epidemiological studies have described an association between the accumulation of iron in the liver and the development of diabetes. The reasons for this association are unclear; it is not known whether iron stimulates the onset of diabetes or whether diabetes itself leads to an accumulation of hepatic iron.
Dr Adam Le Gresley

Comparative molecular genomics of Campylobacter jejuni MSc by Research
Despite recent progress in understanding of biology of Campylobacter jejuni, it remains the major bacterial causative agent of gastrointestinal diseases worldwide. One remarkable feature of this pathogen is its adaptability to changing conditions both in vivo and in vitro due to genome fluidity (GF) detected during genome sequencing.
Professor Andrey Karlyshev

Assessment of bacterial colony movement in solids and liquids MSc by Research
The aim of this multidisciplinary study is to develop a system to investigate the motility of bacterial colonies. A bacterial growth chamber system will be developed in order to investigate how bacteria move in response to factors including nutrient gradient, temperature and chemo]attractants.
Dr Alison Kelly

Optimising a novel product mix as a means to inhibit biofilm formation in medically important microorganisms MSc by Research
One of the current major hurdles to overcome in medicine is biofilm formation by microorganisms, which is recognised as leading to increased resistance to a variety of antimicrobials.
Dr Alison Kelly

Visualising the effect of a novel product mix on biofilm formation in medically important microorganisms MSc by Research
The aim of this research is to view the effect this novel mix has on cells in both the planktonic and biofilm state by a variety of methods, including light microscopy, con-focal microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, within the electron microscopy suite run by Mr Richard Giddens.
Dr Alison Kelly

The effect of rehabilitation therapy on exercise-induced inflammation and tissue repair. MSc by Research
The current project intends to verify the ability to measure various biological markers of inflammation and tissue recovery as well as develop a reference guide for the use of treatment and rehabilitation therapies for chronic musculoskeletal injury.
Dr Hannah Moir

Traffic light labelling of food products among parents of pre-school and school-aged children: use, understanding and perceptions MSc by Research
Dietary intakes in the UK fall short of recommendations1, whilst prevalence of chronic diseases remains high2. Food labels are tools to help consumers make healthier food choices3, and possibly the only information available at point of purchase.
Dr Hilda Mulrooney

Development of a prediction model to provide early warning of food safety incidents MSc by Research
The aim of the MSc project is to develop a prediction model to augment this network tool in order to rapidly identify emerging issues in food safety notifications.
Professor Declan Naughton

Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation on the physical structure and polyphenols of culinary herbs and spices MSc by Research
The consumption of culinary herbs and spices has increased over the past decade and studies have shown that they contain significant amounts of polyphenols which are purported to have health promoting properties. Recent studies report that digestion, in vitro, increases polyphenol related antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of herbs and spices and bioavailability studies suggest that these activities are focussed in the gut.
Dr Elizabeth Opara

Investigation of the potential for early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes utilising a glucose-fructose tolerance test for determining rates of denovo lipogenesis. MSc by Research
The project will build upon preliminary work showing that changes in DNL can be measured using this protocol. Measures of DNL will be compared to those derived by the more expensive and time consuming, gold standard technique using non-radioactive stable isotopes. Techniques trained will include; lipid purification, ultracentrifugation, GC-MS and the handling of blood samples.
Dr Elizabeth Opara

Applying novel methods to inform critical health behaviour interventions MSc by Research
Obtaining reliable information about health compromising behavior such as habitual excessive drinking or illicit drug use is a challenging task but is fundamental to evaluate the need and effectiveness of interventions.
Prof Andrea Petroczi

Treatment for gonorrhoea infections causing newborn blindness. MSc by Research
Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a world-wide health threat that is on the rise, even in developed countries. Gonorrhoea infection does not induce protective immunity, can be asymptomatic in 80% of women and 20% of men, and contributes to increased infection and transmission of HIV.
Dr Lori Snyder

Mechanisms of sequence inversions in the Neisseria. MSc by Research
This M.Sc. project will expand upon previous investigations into sequence inversions in the Neisseria spp, to include Neisseria meningitidis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and commensal species such as Neisseria lactamica. Inversions of large sections of the genomes have been observed when comparing different strains of the same bacterial species. Smaller inversions have also been observed.
Dr Lori Snyder

Musculoskeletal function in fatigued running conditions MSc by Research
This study aims to assess localised biomechanical and physiological effects of fatigued incline running, through use of a variety of techniques both biomechanical (motion analysis, electromyography) and physiological (energy expenditure, inflammatory markers).
Dr Nicola Swann


Pedagogy of professionalised courses MSc by Research
The aim of this project is to establish "best practice" in vocational education in HE by surveying the field, map the pedagogy in use across a range of institutions in a subject like Web Development, bring the two together into a pedagogic framework for a hybrid course, apply it to continue the "Revised Academic Framework" development of such a course at Kingston University
Dr James Denholm-Price

Statistical Modelling of Demographic and Public Health Trends and Changes in 19th and 20th Century Britain MSc by Research
The proposed project, within the Longitudinal Statistics (LStat) research group in the School of Mathematics, will utilise advanced statistical methodologies in areas such as Generalised Linear Modelling, Bayesian Analysis and Information Theory to investigate patterns in birth, marriage, mortality and survival data.
Dr Gordon Hunter & Dr Rosie McNiece

Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Compartment Fire Suppression Capabilities of Gas-like Micromist MSc by Research
The proposed MSc project aims to bridge the knowledge gap on compartment fire suppression capabilities of gas-like Micromist generated by flashing superheated water through both experimental and theoretical studies.
Dr Siaka Dembele

Pharmacy and Chemistry

Investigation of Pore Structure in Pharmaceutical Gels MSc by Research
Pharmaceutical gels are systems comprising water-soluble polymers which are used as vehicles for drug delivery. They offer advantages over other drug delivery systems, e.g. a prolonged drug release system can be formed, which translates to less frequent dosing for the patient and thus aids adherence.
Prof Raid Alany

Computational analysis of colloidal particle interactions MSc by Research
This interdisciplinary project extends the range of solvents currently studied, and combines physics, chemistry and mathematics with application to areas ranging from food science, petrochemicals, paints and lubricants. It would suit candidates with strong numerical and analytical skills.
Professor Andy Augousti

New Strategies for Highly Accurate Absolute Quantificationof Proteins via Cell-Free Labelled Protein Synthesis and ICP-MS/nanoESI-MS MSc by Research
This project is a unique opportunity for the student to acquire skills in both atomic and molecular MS, as well as in cell-free protein synthesis. There are a number of biomedical applications that urgently need this methodology and this will transform the MSc project into a highly relevant, interdisciplinary PhD project.
Dr James Barker

Modified carbon nanotubes as delivery system for carboranes in the BNCT of cancer MSc by Research
we propose to develop CNTsbased delivery vessels functionalized with chemical entities that bind with enhanced selectivity to malignant cells by means of mitochondrial targeting. These vessels are aimed at the delivery of ortho-carborane (which combine good catabolic stability and high 10B content), and their selectivity and amount of delivered 10B will be tested in vitro.
Dr Gianpiero Calabrese

Synthesis of novel CCR5 antagonists for HIV-1 infection MSc by Research
The project aims to develop a CCR5 antagonist drug for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. HIV-1 virus uses a co-receptor, CCR5, for viral entry and subsequent infection of host cells. This is an essential step, especially in early infection.
Dr Dhaya Perumal and Dr Simon Carrington