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Centre for Earth and Environmental Science Research


Centre director Prof Nigel Walford is leader of the People, Place and Environment research group. His main research interests reflect his longstanding focus on geographical and spatial data especially in relation to geodemographics, population ageing, counterurbanisation, agriculture and environmental planning.

Centre Director

Professor Nigel Walford

Academic Staff and Research Interests

Dr Alistair Baird (GGE) - Stratigraphic controls on palaeozoic petroleum systems, polyphase deformation and metamorphism.

Mr Douglas Brown (GGE) - GIS and Human Geography.

Dr Kerry Brown (GGE) - Using ecological and socio-ecological information to assess how environmental change affects ecological services in developing countries. The interplay between subsistence people, forest ecosystems, and drivers of environmental change.

Dr Norman Cheung (GGE) - Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management, Climatology and Physical Geography, Tropical Cyclones, Asian Monsoon, El Nino.

Dr Tracey Coates (GGE) - The importance of the concepts of locality and community to the experiences of those subject to flooding and the practicalities of Flood Risk Management policy.

Dr Hadrian Cook (GGE) - Soil science and geology, hydrology, water resources management and protection. Historic aspects of the landscape and environmental policy and governance with reference to catchment groups in the voluntary sector.

Dr Stuart Downward (GGE) - Hydrology, water pollution, wastewater management, river management and sustainability.

Dr A. Dykes (Eng) - Environmental management issues, landslides and peatland stability pertaining to the construction of wind farms in the UK and Ireland.

Dr A. Flowers (Life Sciences) - Radioecology, Nuclear Instrumentation, Higher Education Development in Belarus and Ukraine

Dr Peter Garside (GGE) - Urban and regional development policy, economic assessments and public sector institutions.

Prof. Gavin Gillmore (GGE) - Geoarcheology, Radon, health and geology, Radon in caves, mines, homes and workplaces. Radium pollution and radioluminescent materials. The application of sedimentary analysis (+ microfossils) to reconstructing past environments.

Dr Ian Greatbatch (GGE) - Search and Rescue, coastal geomorphological research on the North Norfolk coast, geography and GIS.

Dr Frances Harris (GGE) - Food production and farming, public engagement and environmental education.

Dr Peter Hooda (GGE) - Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements and nutrients in terrestrial and aquatic environments, metal/nutrient transfer between soil and water and soil and plants.

Dr Annie Hughes (GGE)s - Violence against women in Pakistan, human geography.

Dr M. Ibsen (Eng) - Landslides and climatic change, natural hazards and risk analysis.

Dr M. Kelly (GGE)

Dr David Kidd (GGE) - Visualisation, discovery, exchange and analysis of data in ecological, environmental and evolutionary sciences, open source data and GIS.

Mr James Lambert-Smaith (GGE) - Applied Geoscience

Dr Jennie Middleton (GGE) - Everyday life in the city, geographies of mobilities, sustainable communities.

Dr Andrew Miles - Geochemistry (Accessory mineral isotope and trace element chemistry), granite petrogenesis, crustal evolution

Dr Stephanie Mills (GGE) - Reconstructing late Quaternary environments in southern Africa, glaciation of southern Africa, solar radiation modelling.

Dr Pamela Murphy (GGE) - Minerology, chemical geography.

Dr Christopher Satow (GGE) - Physical Geography

Dr Mike Smith (GGE) - Digital Elevation Modelling (Landform mapping, visualisation and modelling , error assessment), close range aerial platforms, ice sheet reconstructions

Dr Andrew Swan (GGE) - Marine Micropaleontology, minerology, palaeontology.

Prof. Peter Treloar (GGE) - Structural and fluid controls on ore deposit evolution, mineral chemistry and micro-analytical techniques, processes of collisional orogenesis, metamorphic petrology and petrogenesis.

Prof. Martyn Waller (GGE) - Quaternary vegetation history: British Isles and West Africa. Quaternary coastal/sea-level change.

Research Associates

Prof. E. Bromhead (Eng)

Prof. Robert Chaplow (Visiting Professor)

Dr Robin Crockett

Dr Michael Grant

Dr Jonathon Groves

Mr Paul Harbidge (Rangold Resources)

Prof. Kym Jarvis (Imperial College)

Professor Vanessa Lawrence, Director and Chief Executive of the Ordnance Survey (Visiting Professor)

Prof. Richard T.J. Moody (Emeritus Professor)

Prof. Andy Rankin (GGE)

Dr Rosalind Taylor (GGE)

Associated Research Groups


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