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The Evolution of the Port of Rye, Romney Marsh, Sussex

Executive Summary
ResearchersDr M. Waller (Principal Investigator): CEESR
Dr A. Long (Principal Investigator): Department of Geography, University of Durham
Dr E. Schofield (PDRA: CEESR) Now at Department of Geography and Environment, Aberdeen.
Mr J. Culley (RA: CEESR)
Funding Body/SourceEnglish Heritage
Duration 2002 - 2004
Project SummaryFunded through the Aggregate Levy, this project investigated the physical controls (sea level, storms, gravel and sand supply, human activity including reclamation and sea defence construction) on port development using a combination of environmental, archaeological and historical data. At Kingston the grant was used to employ a palaeoenvironmentalist (Dr E. Schofield) and an archaeologist (Mr J. Culley). Outputs to date include 5 research papers, a book, and a data archive in the form of a GIS.

Rye Bay from Jury's Gap


Long A.J., Waller, M.P., & Plater, A.J. 2007. Dungeness and the Romney Marsh: Barrier dynamics and marshland evolution. Oxbow Books, Oxford, 240 pages.

Waller, M.P. & Schofield, J.E. 2007. Mid to late Holocene vegetation and land-use history in the Weald of south-eastern England: multiple pollen profiles from the Rye area. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 16, 367-384.

Long, A.J., Waller, M.P. & Plater, A.J. 2006. Coastal resilience and late Holocene tidal inlet history: the evolution of Dungeness Foreland and the Romney Marsh (UK) depositional complex. Geomorphology, 82, 309-330.

Waller, M.P., Long, A.J. & Schofield, J.E. 2006. The interpretation of radiocarbon dates from the upper surface of late Holocene peat layers in coastal lowlands. The Holocene, 16, 51-61.

Long, A.J., Waller, M.P. & Stupples, P. 2006. Driving mechanisms of coastal change: sediment autocompaction and the destruction of late Holocene coastal wetlands. Marine Geology, 225, 63-84.

Schofield, J.E. & Waller, M.P. 2005. A pollen analytical record for hemp retting from Dungeness Foreland, UK. Journal of Archaeological Science, 32, 715-726.

Further information/links

Depositional and Landscape Histories of Dungeness Foreland and the Port of Rye: Understanding Past Environments and Coastal Change.

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