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Peri-urban horticultural production on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria

Executive Summary
ResearchersDr. Frances Harris, CEESR, Kingston University
Dr. Margaret Pasquini, CAZS, University of Wales, Bangor
Dr. Gina Porter, Dept. of Anthropolgy, Durham University
Prof. Fergus Lyon, CEEDR, Middlesex University
Funding Body/SourceBritish Council Higher Education Link Prgramme and DFID Crop-post-harvest progamme, with additional funding from Durham University (PhD scholarship) and the Tropical Agriculture Association.
Project SummaryThe area arond Jos, in Plateau State, Nigeria, has a unique climate in West Africa, where temperate vegetable production has flourished. The system is based on the abandoned tin mining landscape, which has left fresh water reservoirs for use in irrigated vegetable production. Immigrant Hausa populations developed the farming system, which is now being adopted by local populations as well. Research has focussed on the use of urban waste as a soil ammendment (Pasquini's PhD topic), environmental contraints, marketing and ethnic tension.

Irrigated vegetable plots on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria.


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