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The National Land Use Database of Previously Developed Land: Brownfield data - can we do better?

Executive Summary
ResearchersProfessor Sarah Sayce (Principal Investigator)
Prof. N. S. Walford (CEESR)
Dr Peter Garside
Dr Tony Vickers (School of Surveying)
Mr Dave Livingstone (School of Computing and Information Systems)
Funding Body/SourceEnglish Partnerships and Department of Communities and Local Government
DurationJun 2007-Mar 2008
Project SummaryThe overall aim of the study is to examine the existing process and practice undertaken to maintain the National Land Use Database of Previously Developed Land and to explore ways in which the exercise can be refined better to ensure its accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness and usefulness. A key aim of the scoping study is to evaluate ways in which the database can be made simpler and less onerous within the existing technology available to local authorities.

The National Land Use Database of Previously Developed Land and Buildings (NLUD-PDL) provides an inventory of the national stock of vacant and/or derelict land and buildings in England. It also provides an inventory of occupied land and buildings with redevelopment potential. NLUD-PDL is essential to National Brownfield Strategy for England as it provides important information about previously developed land. Nearly 10 years after NLUD started the project seeks to review the operation of current process and practice in the light of technological and informational changes and of the government's brownfield strategy.

An extensive survey of local authorities in England and stakeholder interviews provided comprehensive information about current practice. Research carried out on the project also connected with initiatives concerned with data sharing and transformational government as well as the European Union's PSI and INSPIRE Directives. The project team set out options for the future of NLUD that conform to the Government's emerging Location Strategy. Dr Seppe Cassettari and Dr Alun Jones from the GeoInformation Group collaborated with the Kingston University team on this project.

Fig.1 Former Gasworks, Hythe Quay, Colchester.

Selected publication(s)

Sayce, S., Walford, N.S., Garside, P. 2012 Residential development on gardens in England: their role in providing sustainable housing supply, Land Use Policy. 10: 771-780.

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