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Your Partner in Petroleum Geology and Chemostratigraphy

Kingston University Petroleum Geology and Chemostratigraphy Consulting

Welcome to Kingston University Petroleum Geology and Chemostratigraphy consulting

Making the most of exploration core and cuttings data can be challenging and time consuming. Kingston University can assist you in simplifying your in-house analysis, bringing new power to your reservoir or basin understanding.

From the North Sea Chalk provinces to U.S. shale, Kingston means efficiency, validity and experience for your geochemical decision making.

Previous and current collaborations include Statoil, Maersk Oil, PDVSA, Amerada Hess, BG, PESGB, Philips Petroleum, Schlumberger and others.

Dedicated facilities include:

ICP-AES & ICP-MS geochemistry, High resolution scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, Light microscopy suite, Cathodoluminescence, XRD, Laser Raman microscopy

Expertise includes:

  • Carbonate sedimentology, facies analysis and diagenesis; core and cuttings studies
  • Developing an improved understanding of reservoir and source rock depositional settings and stratal geometry, and their subsequent burial and diagenesis
  • Application of chemical sedimentology for better facies delineation
  • Relating sample-based physical and chemical sedimentology to e-log responses and other petrophysical properties
  • Special expertise in Chalk and pelagic sediments
  • Elemental and isotopic chemostratigraphic applications to reservoir and source rock characterisation, correlation and dating
  • Special expertise in carbon isotope stratigraphy and elemental correlation of strata
  • Major and trace-element analysis of sedimentary rocks (core and cuttings)
  • Geochemical data quality assessment, and geological interpretation of geochemical data
  • Sedimentary petrography using light microscopy, CL, SEM and microprobe for microfacies analysis and diagenetic studies
  • Integrated stratigraphy for developing improved geological models
  • Special knowledge in Cretaceous stratigraphy with experience in integrating nano-, micro- and macro-fossil biostratigraphies - together with lithostratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy and geochronology - to develop improved correlations and precise age assignments for constraining geological models
  • Specialist regional geological knowledge of Western and Central Europe, North Africa, northern South America, North Sea and southern US


Petroleum Geology Consultancy Principle Investigators

Prof Jarvis (DPhil, CGeol, FMinSoc, FGS, Deputy President EGU Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology Division) has specialist regional geological knowledge of Western and Central Europe, North Africa, northern South America and southern US. He has published 17 consultancy reports, about 70 research publications and 140 abstracts papers. Ian has supervised 7 completed PhD and 3 completed MRes projects, and is currently supervising a further 2 industry-funded PhDs. Industry funding for PhDs to-date has included Statoil, PDVSA, Shell UK, RTZ Minerals, BG, Tethyan Petroleum and Centrica.

Prof Gillmore has published over 40 industrial reports on North Sea geology, as well as published papers on reconstruction of palaeobathymetry. Gavin is also experienced in matters concerning environmental radioactivity and is a Chartered Geologist. He is currently seconded as Head of Kingston Energy, his substantive role being Head of School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, Kingston University London.