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KU CIS and MIT research reported

Research led by J-C Nebel and done in collaboration with Queen's University of Belfast and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain, is featured in the latest ‘Communications of the ACM’. The paper ‘Episodic Reasoning for Vision-Based Human Action Recognition’ was selected to illustrate an article on ‘Decoding the Language of Human Movement’. The only ...

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CIS Undergraduate DMK student wins place on prestigious app development team

Congratulations to Mann Kaur, a CIS DMK student on UX Design. Mann won a place on the London is My Campus team! Students applied for a place on the team to develop an 'omniLondon' app for 380,000 students studying at London based universities. Mann won a place alongside Imperial College, City, St George's UCL and ...

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Congratulations to Ali Besim on the successful defense of his MSc thesis

Besim Ali, MSc By Research Student successfully defended his MSc thesis this week. Title: Comparisons of Time-Motion Systems between Central and External Defenders in Elite Youth Soccer Supervisors: Owen Spendiff and James Brouner

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SENPHRG: Publications for November 2014

Stimulus-response compatibility tests of implicit preference for food and body image to identify people at risk for disordered eating: a validation study. Petroczi A, Khan S. Eating Behaviors 2015: 16, 54-63 doi:10.1016/j.eatbeh.2014.10.015 It is not just memory:  propositional thinking influences performance on the autobiographical Implicit Association Test. Vargo EJ, Petroczi A, Shah I, Naughton DP. Drug ...

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Large grant awarded to Professor Maria Martini (EU H2020)

Innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging  mulTimedia services (QoE-NET) The project is an   Innovative Training Network (ITN)  under the H2020-MSCA framework. This Network focuses on the analysis, design, optimization and management of the Quality Of Experience (QoE) in advanced multimedia services, creating a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary network of twelve early stage researchers  working in and ...

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Kingston University and St George’s receive funding from the Medical Research Council

Automated retinal microvasular quantification as a predictor of circulatory disease risk in later life  Kingston’s School of Computing and Information Systems  and  colleagues from St George's University of London Community Health Sciences and University College London Institute of Ophthalmology have secured funding to understand how the shape and size of the retinal vessels are related to ...

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Successful grant application to London Fusion

The project  aims at supporting the  collaborating  SME achieving their target “Live concerts, everywhere” with an adequate  quality of experience for the users.  Adaptive video streaming techniques are proposed and implemented. Principal investigator:  Dr Maria Martini; Researchers: Dr Chaminda Hewage and Ognen Ognenoski Funding body: London Fusion Value: £9,931

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Improving islet transplantation success for diabetes therapy – 10 December

Dr Aileen King Kings College London Dr King is part of the Diabetes Research Group at Kings College London working with the Islet Transplantation Unit to research ways of improving the success of this procedure.  Islet transplantation can ‘cure’ diabetes in eligible patients, but currently graft survival is limited to around 5 years.  Aileen’s research uses various ...

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Prof. Sergio A Velastin gives research seminar on data fusion for computer vision

Prof. Sergio A Velastin gives a research seminar at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (Mendoza, Argentina) on the use of data fusion for computer vision and meets academics to explore possible collaboration links.

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DIRC Professor gives keynote talk to IET Conference on Pattern Recognition

Prof. Sergio A Velastin gives one of the keynote talks at the IET-sponsored VI Chilean Conference on Pattern Recognition, 12-13 November, Talca, Chile (

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