Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC) Seminar – 3 February

Date:                     Wednesday 3rd February 2016     

Time:                    15.00-16.00

Venue:                 PRJG2008

Speaker: Nauman Khan, Doctoral researcher, Component and Distributed Systems Research Group.

Chair: Dr Souheil Khaddaj, Data Theme Leader.

Title:  Data Theme Presentation –  Data Integration for Smart Urban Transport


Large data sets produced as a result of operating an urban transport network are a good source of information that can be converted into effective predictive analytics to create a self-learning intelligent transport system. The current transport systems are either not producing enough data or there is no comprehensive integration of data coming from different sensors like GPS, orientation, speed, arrival and departure times at different stops and signals, number of passengers travelling and the amount of time it may take from one location to other along with connections available from any stop on the route etc. We propose the architecture and the framework to acquire, store, manipulate, integrate information relevant to passengers as well as to the transport managers and bus companies in real-time in order to optimize scheduling, fuel consumption, passenger’s time and specifically availability of this information at and where it is needed.

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