Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC) Seminar – 20 April 2016

Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC) Seminar

Date:                     Wednesday 20th April 2016

Time:                    15.00-16.00

Venue:                 PRJG2008

Speaker:             Dr Martin Tunnicliffe (Senior Lecturer, Wireless, Multimedia and Networking Research Group)

Chair:                  Professor Maria Martini (Communications Theme Leader)

Title:                    Communications Theme Presentation –  Dimensionality Issues in Weighted Differential Entropy


A recent study on channel selection in opportunistic wireless channel access has suggested using the information-theoretic concept of “residual weighted entropy” as a utility metric. This seminar explores this concept from its origins in the works of Shannon and Boltzmann to its current differential form by Crescendo and Longobardi, and shows how this is problematic when dealing with dimensioned quantities like time. A modification is proposed to overcome this difficulty which introduces the concept of “working granularity”. As examples, the residual weighted entropies of the exponential, Gaussian and Erlang distributions are considered and their significance explore.

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