Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC) Seminar – 18 May 2016

Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC) Seminar

Date:                     Wednesday 18th May 2016

Time:                    15.00-16.00

Venue:                 PRJG2008

Speaker: PC Sebastian Ellis, External speaker, Metropolitan Police)

Chair: Professor James Orwell (Security Theme Leader)

Title:  Security Theme Presentation –  How Social Media affects Police Operations


The emergence of ‘social media’ communication channels has had a significant effect on Police operations, with the prospect of still further impact in the future. It has emerged as an important tool to build confidence in the police, and it has enabled different forms of communication that use viral trends and specific demographic characteristics. Recent examples are introduced and discussed, also in the context of policy issues such as tone and content management. Another important area of impact is on risk assessment and decision making. Finally, the future prospects for police use of social media are discussed, which must also consider content sources such as body-worn video, and the proposition that it is both useful and possible for the Police to establish itself as a trusted and reliable direct source of information.

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