CBC talk “CNS drug discovery targeting Alzheimer’s disease” Professor Rashid Deane, University of Rochester, USA

Date:              Wednesday 15/06/2016
Time:             12-1 PM
Location:    SEC Doctoral School, MB2021, PR
Speaker:      Professor Rashid Deane, the University of Rochester, Centre of                                                   Translational Neuromedicine
Title:              CNS drug discovery targeting Alzheimer’s disease.


Professor Rashid Deane, BSc, PhD, a professor at the University of Rochester, Centre of Translational Neuromedicine, was awarded a BSc by the University of London and PhD by St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School. He was a Reader at the University of Greenwich until he gave this up, in 2002, to do research in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at the University of Rochester. Here his main research focus is on translational research to delay the on-set of AD. To this aim, his research work includes the mechanism on how molecules get into the brain and on how toxic molecules are eliminated from the ageing brain. He has studied how metal ions (e.g., iron, copper) enter the brain and how copper contributes to the development and progression of AD. He has published extensively on the clearance of molecules from the aging brain and the role of inefficient clearance in AD. In addition, he has worked on drug development targeting AD.

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