Recent advances in the management of gliomas – Friday 7th August 2015

On behalf of Caner Theme/Cancer Study group you are invited to attend our next Cancer Study Group Seminar as detailed below. Please put the date for this highly informative talk in you diary.

Title of talk: Recent advances in the management of gliomas

Speaker: Keyoumars Ashkan, Professor of Neurosurgery, Lead Clinician for Neuro-Oncology, Chair King’s Neurosciences, Deputy Chair King’s Neuroscience Research,

King’s College Hospital and King’s College London

Time and date: 12:00, Friday 7th August 2015

Venue: PRJG0001 , Penrhyn Road, Kingston University

Host: Professor Helmout Modjtahedi,

Web Page: Cancer Research Theme

Summary:  Prof Ashkan is the Professor of Neurosurgery and lead for Neuro-Oncology at King’s Health Partners covering the 4.5 million population of South East London and Kent and operating, with his team, on about 400 patients with brain tumours per year. His main clinical and research interests include surgical management of brain tumours, awake craniotomies, novel therapies for brain tumours including immunotherapy, genetics of brain tumours and clinical trials of new therapies. He has published over 270 full papers, abstracts and book chapters.

In his talk Prof Ashkan will cover the recent advances in the surgical management of gliomas and underpins how new scientific knowledge in the filed of neuro-oncology can translate into clinical practice towards better patient care.

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