DCRG Student attends the Basic Cardiovascular Science Summer School in France.

Aliki Peletidi, a first year PhD student supervised by Dr Reem Kayyali, was successful in gaining a place on the ESC organised Basic Cardiovascular Science Summer School on the 14th – 18th June 2015. It took place at the European Heart House, Sophia Antipolis in France. The conference was entitled: Council on Basic Science: Inspire a new generation of cardiovascular scientists, and it provided opportunities to meet face-to-face role models from an expert faculty of successful cardiovascular scientists.  Aliki said ‘We had the opportunity to present in an informal way our research topic.  The conference was really interesting and it covered  informative lectures about heart disease, regeneration, heart development, microRNA research, immunomodulation of atherosclerosis and others such as personalised medicine, as well as lectures about building your career’.

The organisers were:  Jeremy Pearson (UK), David Garcia-Dorado (SP), Jolanda van der Velden (NL), and Sarah George (UK).

Group photo of participants of the conference, taken outside of the European Heart House.

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