KU e-Racing teams exhibiting at Kingston Market

On October 18th KU e-Racing teams will be displaying their innovative and futuristic machines in the heart of Kingston-upon-Thames – Kingston Market Square.

Any racing enthusiasts, local businesses or Saturday shoppers will be able to see the electric Formula Student Car and the electric TT Race Bike. The teams will be happy to talk about their projects, university life, and engineering, answer any questions and share the enthusiasm with the Great British public.

The aim of this exhibition is to raise people’s awareness of alternative energy fuelled vehicles and their potential, and to showcase the talent and skills of Kingston University students in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kingston and their low carbon initiative.

The car and the bike will be displayed in Kingston Market Square on the 18th of October 2014 from 9am until 5pm. Come and see us!

If you can’t catch us at the market visit us online www.kingston.ac.uk or www.kue-racing.co.uk

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