The FIRST WORKSHOP ON WIRELESS SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE APPLICATIONS is organised by Dr Maria Martini (WMN research group, KU) with Lorenzo Iacobelli (Thales Communications and Security) and Peter Amon (Siemens).

Recent evolutions in ICT technologies have paved the way to new applications in a wide range of areas. One of the fields that can benefit the most from the improvement in networking and computing capabilities falls into the healthcare domain. Several projects and research activities aim to lead the evolution from traditional health practices to advanced eHealth services. This includes the possibility to proceed to early diagnosis of patients (i.e., before even the patient reaches a hospital), to remote cares without the physical presence of doctors, and to several other applications that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical interventions and the comfort of both patients and medical personnel. An interesting and particularly challenging subset of eHealth applications concerns mHealth services, for which typical mobility and wireless transmission problems are combined with medical constraints, e.g., sufficient quality for diagnostic purposes.  To foster the introduction of eHealth and mHealth services in the traditional medical practices, further work needs to be carried out in particular to guarantee the flawless transmission, through a resource-constrained environment as in wireless networks, of medical data, images, and videos in order to achieve the level of quality required by medical staff to promptly make correct diagnosis. Moreover, strong requirements in terms of data protection, secure transmissions and data privacy have to be fulfilled when dealing with sensitive information like medical data. Not to mention suitable network advances for an efficient, flexible and possibly backward compatible, exploitation of available resources over a mixture of wired and wireless technologies under the common IP-based infrastructure of the Next-Generation Networks.  The main aim of this workshop is to bring together representatives of academia, industry and healthcare to present recent advances in wireless solutions that can benefit the development of new eHealth and mHealth applications.

Workshop topics
– Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
– New eHealth and mHealth applications
– New medical procedures to improve the exploitation of eHealth solutions
– Remote diagnosis and telemedicine
– 3D/4D medical images and videos transmission
– Multiview video transmission
– Media adaptation in wireless transmissions
– Efficient and transparent multimedia transmission over a mixed wired and wireless environment
– Deployment of heterogeneous wireless networks in clinical environment
– Image and video coding, especially for compression of medical content
– Evaluation of QoE of medical videos and images
– Security, trust, and privacy in wireless/mobile communications
– Data protection
– Architecture solutions for emergency scenarios
– Heterogeneous networks
– Cross-layer communication, solutions and architectures
– Mobility management solutions

Important dates:
– Submission of papers: June 01, 2014
– Notification of authors: June 25, 2014
– Camera Ready copies: July 30, 2014

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