Kingston team smashes land speed records

On 12 July, Kingston's electric bike team smashed three seconds off the existing record for the fastest electric bike on the famous Santa Pod quarter mile drag strip. They achieved a time of just 11.194 seconds. Following on from that, they broke another record on 18 August. Paul Brandon, director, Automotive and Motorsport Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, explains more:

"We decided to have a go at the UK land speed record over a one mile distance for electric motorbikes. The attempt took place at Elvington Airfield in York, where the bike had four runs, ridden by our TT racer George Spence.

"My aim for the day was to set a speed over the timed mile of between 150 and 160mph. George took the first run fairly easy as he had not participated in an event like this before and set a speed of 144.9mph. We made a few changes and sent him out for a second run where he clocked 149.6mph. After another few changes, the third run hit 150.1mph - so it was smiles all round"

"Over lunch I did some head scratching - on paper the calculations showed the bike was capable of around 160mph, but we were still a little short of this. We decided on a new setup, made the changes and sent George out for his final run. He crossed the timing beam and the display showed 160mph dead. Fantastic! Not only had we smashed the existing record by over 40mph, but the bike had achieved exactly what the calculations had shown it was capable of, something from an Engineering point of view that is even more rewarding that the actual record. There is still more to come as one of our students is already working on a new low drag fairing that will allow us to challenge for speeds in excess of 200mph."

You can see a very quick video of the moment here.