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Welcome to the Kingston University Motorcycle Race Team Website

About Us
Triumph TT600 on track

In June 2002 the first steps were taken to form a race team using a Triumph TT600 that was being used for show purposes at the university. By September the bike was fully prepared for racing, we also had eight very committed team members and an outside rider who had been very successful in the Bemsee 400 championship. We were ready to race. We competed in the last two rounds of the Bemsee 600 novice championship, at Snetterton and Brands, starting at the back and making up places on both occasions. Not bad for our first outings on what was effectively a two year old stock bike.

Before the end of the 2003 season the decision was made to push for a student rider running two bikes with one as a spare. Glen Corbett and Adam Arnold were both very keen to race the bike and as a result a test day was organised at Brands. Both impressed the rest of the team so much that one rider could not be identified as the better. So it was decided that the only fair thing to do was to allow them both to race!

The 2003 season brought some good results, with Glen picking up a third at Cadwell Park. The Triumph TT600 was raced again into 2004 with a new rookie rider, Stuart Reid. He also did particularly well on a bike that was running out of potential to compete with the newer bikes in the field. 2004 also saw the team introduce an MZ ETZ 251 into the BMZRC Bemsee championship. This also showed good potential with its rider, Thomas Nock, finishing 3rd in his first rookie race.

The decision was made over the winter of 2004/5 to invest in a new motorcycle, and to run in a different Bemsee class. A Suzuki SV650 was purchased and subsequently race prepared for the minitwin class. This move seemed to pay off with Stuart finishing high up the order and picking up a handful of trophies on a well performing bike. Overall he finished 3rd in the Clubman 400/650 championship and 12th in the overall minitwin championship, despite being unable to compete in the final round.

Stuart Reid at Brands Hatch

The 2006 season sees the University introducing a new rookie rider, Adam Palfreman, into the minitwin class on the same SV650. Adam participated in the further development of the MZ ETZ 251 during the 2005 season, something which is set to continue with the introduction of new members into the team. He had the opportunity to race the SV650 at the end of 2005 season in Stuart's absence and is currently testing the bike before the start of the 2006 season.

All the students involved with this unique opportunity are avid motorcycle race fans and hope to continue racing after their degrees. The team effort is centralised around continual development and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our key sponsor ITC Concepts, without whom this would not be possible. However the team is looking for further financial support to expand this venture.

If you have any enquiries or think you can help with sponsorship/publicity please contact: jaypratt46@hotmail.com

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