Kingston University's racing car

3 years hard work and we are finally spraying the champagne at the TT.
Rider George Spence on the winners podium


Ecotricity / Kingston bike (No 10)


Rockingham lap record

Youtube Compilation

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Here's the story from University Team Leader, Paul Brandon:

"After a fantastic two qualifiers, we then had a problem before the start of the race when our dashboard display failed. This is critical to give the rider the information he needs to enable him to push the bike to the limit but still have enough energy left in the batteries to finish the race. We quickly connected a digital volt meter and taped this to the bike with a set of voltages that would at least give George some idea of the battery capacity he had - it was not ideal but this is racing and you have to adapt..We were the 7th bike to go out and gave George instructions to overtake at will and run with the 2 Motoczysz bikes at the front. At the first timing point he was 5th and by the second he was 4th, so all was going well (although his actual split times were slightly down on what we were hoping for). At the Sulby speed trap he was clocked at 120mph (again slightly down) and had picked up another place at the next timing point, putting him in 3rd place but still some way off the 2 Motoczysz bikes. He finally came in a triumphant 3rd at 129mph across the finish line (17mph faster than the next quickest). We ran to the winner's enclosure to congratulate George and discovering that he still had 25% left in the batteries. This meant that If we hadn't had the dash problem he could have been running the same times as the Motoczysz bikes - very frustrating for us all!

So we know the bike will perform to its design specification and the Americans now realise we are a real threat! We were by far the quickest University, we beat the BMW team and are a force to be reckoned with. In three years we have progressed from a DNF to 5th to 3rd and it was great to see George get his first ever podium at the TT and spraying the champagne...Once again a huge thank you to everyone involved that made this possible, this was a real team effort. Well done Kingston!

Results are as follows:

  • 1 Michael Rutter / 2011 MotoCzysz E1PC / Segway Racing MotoCzysz 99.604
  • 2 Mark Miller / 2011 MotoCzysz E1PC / Segway Racing MotoCzysz 98.288
  • 3 George Spence / ION HORSE 2011 / Ecotricity Kingston 88.435
  • 4 Allan Brew / BMW / MIT EVT 79.163
  • 5 Yoshinari Matsushita / Prozza TT Zero - 11 / Team Prozza 69.877

Technical Specifications for 2011 bike

Drivetrain - DC motor
Power source - Lithium batteries
Speed (max) - 140mph
Mass - 220kg
Power - 100kW