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Don't just take our word for it – here's what some of our students say about what it's like to study at Kingston.

Kanishka Goonesekera

Kanishka Goonesekera - Researcher in thermodynamics and material science - BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering Design

"I decided to study my degree at Kingston University as it is recognised internationally as well as the University having a strong presence in Sri Lanka. I especially enjoyed working on my group project work; involving the design, fabrication and testing of a concentrating parabolic solar collector; the entire experience was a big step in my transition from student to engineer.

I was impressed with the availability of comprehensive libraries, online resources and knowledgeable and accommodating lecturers and staff. I often spent entire days and many late nights in the silent study areas of the libraries which was the ideal environment for me. The advice I would give to new students would be to make learning and skills development your top priority, be positive about the entire experience and you’ll get more value from it than you thought possible.

I am currently working as a researcher in thermodynamics and material science and plan to further build on my knowledge of Thermal applications and eventually get into research in power generation methods. My ultimate aspiration is to discover a power generation method which is economical, safe and beneficial to society as a whole - somewhat similar to Michael Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction, a simple technique that changed the world for the better"

Vicky Turner

Vicky Turner - Assistant Site Manager - Bsc Construction Management

"I initially looked at Kingston as I was looking at potentially commuting and therefore needed somewhere that was not too far away. I looked around a number of universities but was immediately impressed with Kingston due to its facilities and labs. I felt very comfortable within the building and amongst the students and lecturers. We were told about the type of teaching and the field trips and I was particularly impressed at the way the course was not taught purely from the classroom.

I applied to many positions for my gap year placement and at first there was very few responses. Eventually I got a few interviews and the offers started coming in. I think this was one of the best moments at uni as it made all of the hard work and effort feel worthwhile. I received a place at United House after an interview. I was very pleased when they offered me a place and put me on site on my second day with the company. During this year I received two visits from my placement tutor and I was very proud showing her what I had achieved.

Following my gap placement with United House I was offered sponsorship through my final year at Uni. During this time I chose to also work a day a week where I could. On completing at Kingston I had two days off before coming back to work full time. United House gave me a promotion from Management Trainee to Assistant Site Manager with a pay rise and car allowance. I am currently working on one of their most prestige jobs 'Central St Giles' at the intersection between Tottenham Court Rd and Oxford Street in Central London. The job consists of a fit out of a shell and core by famous architect Renzo Piano. I oversee levels 6 to 11 which includes the £5 million penthouse. I will be here until its completion in June 2011.

As part of the degree I have received incorporated membership to the CIOB and have applied to upgrade this. Looking into the future I would eventually like to be running my own site as a site manager."