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Prof. Declan Naughton

School/Department: Faculty Wide
Position: Professor of Biomolecular Science, Interim Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise


Following the award of a BSc in Chemistry at University College Dublin and a PhD in Trinity College Dublin, I joined the Inflammation Research Group at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry for 10 years. Two years in Bath University followed by five years as a Senior Lecturer in Analytical Sciences in the University of Brighton, preceded my current appointment as Professor of Biomolecular Sciences in 2005. I am currently Interim Associate Dean for Research for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology, Member of the Biochemical Society, Chairman of the External Review Working Group (2009-2015) which audits outputs of the European Food Safety Authority and I sit on the UK Government Chemist Advisory Group. I am co-ordinator for the Kingston University Allied Health Professions (UoA 3) submission for the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Research Interests

Inflammation, Infection, Hypoxia, Oxidative Stress, Nutrition, Toxicology, Food Safety, Functional Foods, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Natural Products, Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory Agents and Mechanisms, Oral Health, Endocrinology, Spectroscopy, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Development and Analysis.


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Ricky James (with Pr. Andrea Petroczi)
Neha Prasad Korattamadi (with Pr. Andrea Petroczi)
Niousha Yarandi (with Pr. Andrea Petroczi)
Bamdad Padidar (with Dr Gary Burnett)
Jorge Vela Ocampo (with Pr. Andrea Petroczi)
Kelly Jane Robertson (with Dr Dave Bradshaw)
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Simone Benedetti (with Dr Judith Allgrove)
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Dr Syeda Shah
Dr Andrew Holloway
Dr Julie Vargo
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Dr. Saira Khan
Ms. Nella Sole MRes
Mr. Abish Stephen MRes



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