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Prof. Peter Foot

School/Department: Life Sciences, Pharmacy & Chemistry
Position: Emeritus Professor in Pharmacy & Chemistry


Prof. Peter Foot studied chemistry at the Universities of Southampton and Oxford. Later, working at Brighton and Sussex Universities, he became interested in solid inorganic materials and organic polymers. His current research mainly involves functional polymers and nanocomposites for energy conversion, organic electronics and drug delivery.

Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and an active member of other professional bodies in chemistry, physics and materials science. He has lectured and collaborated widely in interdisciplinary research.

Peter Foot has been leader of the Materials Research Group, Kingston University London (since 1995).
He was the Founding Director of the Centre for Materials Research (2008-10). This is now the Nanomaterials and Composites Research Centre.
Professor of Materials Science, Kingston University (1998-2013).
Current Position: Emeritus Professor of Materials Science (2014-2019)

Prof. Foot is currently supervising 5 Ph.D. students at Kingston University. He has previously been the supervisor of 56 successfully-completed research students (8 as co-supervisor), and of 9 postdoctoral researchers. Peter has attracted research funding of almost £2M in the past, including a recent KTP award (2013-15) worth about £130k from InnovateUK.


BSc (Hons) Chemistry (1974), MSc Photochemistry, PhD Chemistry.
CChem (1984), FRSC; CPhys, MInstP (1986); MPRI/MIM (1989); MIMMM (2002).
Member of the European Materials Research Society (1992) and the American Nano Society (2011).


Reader (Associate Professor), Molecular Electronics, Kingston University 1994-97
Senior Lecturer, Industrial Chemistry, Kingston University 1988-93
Lecturer, Physics & Materials Science, Thames Polytechnic (Greenwich) 1986-88
BP Research Fellow, Polymer Science, University of Sussex 1983-86
Research Assistant, Solid-State Chemistry, Brighton Polytechnic 1978-82
Researcher, Physical Chemistry, University of Oxford 1975-78
Polymer Chemist, Borden (UK) Ltd., North Baddesley 1972-3

Research Interests

* Organic electronics and photovoltaic materials.

* Conducting polymer synthesis, properties and device applications, e.g. Biosensors.

* Polymer nanocomposites and polyblends.

* Electrochromic display materials and liquid crystal conducting polymers. Evaporable organic semiconductors and OFET devices.

* Smart polymers & nanomaterials for drug-delivery.

* Lightweight composites and bone-replacement materials.

The above research has attracted funding totalling almost £2M from sources such as the EPSRC, MoD, UK Industry, the Technology Strategy Board, the Royal Society and overseas governments. It has led to over 100 publications, including 8 UK and 10 overseas patents, and some of these are listed below.


Journal Articles

C.H. Trease, P.J.S. Foot and A.T. Augousti, "Electrohydrodynamic patterning in a curable resin over a wide range of fabrication parameters", in 'European Polymer Journal', Vol. 91C (2017) pp. 315-325. DOI:10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2017.04.011

Omer Y. Al-Janabi, Peter J.S. Foot, Emaad T. Al-Tikriti and Peter Spearman, "Synthesis and characterisation of novel thiophene based azomethine polymers and study of their liquid crystalline, electrochemical and optoelectronic properties"; 'Polymers & Polymer Composites'
25 (5), (2017) 335-351; [ISSN 0967-3911].

B.K. Ghatora, P.J.S. Foot, S.J. Barton, R.S. Thatti, A. Papagni and L. Vaghi, "Surface Perfluoroalkyl chains Segregation: a Tool for reducing Calcium deposits in Medical Grade Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)"; 'Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology'. (April 2017.) DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2017.82012

C. H. Trease, M. Longman, A. T. Augousti, P. J. S. Foot, B. Pierscionek, "Cell morphology and growth observation studies on novel, chemically unmodified and patterned polymer surfaces for advanced tissue culture applications" in 'Polymer', 109(1), (2017) 13-24. DOI

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B. M. Morais Faustino, P. J. S. Foot and R. A. Kresinski, "Synthesis and photoluminescent properties of Sm3+-doped SnO2 nanoparticles"; in 'Ceramics International', 42(16), pp. 18474-18478. ISSN (print) 0272-8842(2016).

I.M. Diaz Mesa, P.J.S.Foot and R.A.Kresinski, "Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Crystalline and Nanocrystalline
MnPS3-Poly(Phenylene Vinylene) Intercalates"; 'Materials Research Bulletin', Vol. 84, pp. 403-413, (2016).

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A. Ataei, P.J.S. Foot and J.W. Brown, "Synthesis and Properties of Novel Dendrimers for Molecular Delivery"; 'Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry' Vol. 6(2) (2016) 1172-75.

C.M. Pratt, P.J.S. Foot and R. Davis, "Effects of CoCl2 and other Additives on the Oxidative Chemical Synthesis and Properties of Poly(3-hexylthiophene)"; 'Polymers & Polymer Composites' [ISSN: 0967-3911], Vol. 24(3), 185-190 (2016).

E. Bakhtiarian, P.J.S. Foot and P.C. Miller Tate, "Conductive poly(epichlorhydrin)–polyaniline dodecylbenzenesulfonate [PECH-PAni.DBSA] rubber blends prepared in solution". 'Progress in Rubber, Plastics & Recycling Technology' Vol. 32(3), (2016), pp. 183-199. ISSN 1477-7606.

D. Roudini and P.J.S. Foot, "Study of Ion Mobility Characteristics and Morphology of some Electrochemically-Synthesised Polypyrroles", IARJSET, Vol. 3(3), 23-26 (2016); DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3306.

G. Feraille, P. J. S. Foot and R. J. Singer. "In situ Polymerisation of Pyrrole Within the Lattices of Mesoporous Silica Systems." 'Polymers and Polymer Composites' 23(9), (2015), pp. 589-596. [ISSN: 0967-3911]

P.J.S. Foot. "Principles and Prospects of High-Energy Magnesium-Ion Batteries". 'Science Progress' 98(3),(2015) pp. 264-275.
doi: 10.3184/0036850155X14388749247375.

H. Olyaee, P. J. S. Foot and V. Montgomery, "Electrical properties and I–V characteristics of 5,14-dihydro-5,7,12,14-tetraazapentacene doped Schottky barrier diode." 'J. Theor. Appl. Physics'; Springer (2015); doi: 10.1007/s40094-015-0191-7.

B. K. Ghatora, S. J. Barton, P. C. Miller Tate and P. J. S. Foot. "The Effect of Direct Gas Fluorination on Medical Grade Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)" 'Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials' (2014), 4, pp. 74-83
Published Online October 2014 in SciRes.

R. Vimalarasa, P. J. S. Foot, G. Calabrese, "Evaluation of a Smart Polymer Nanosphere for Potential Use in Anticancer Drug Delivery"; 'Polymers & Polymer Composites' 22(9), pp.753-762 (2014) [ISSN: 0967-3911].

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Recent Book Chapters and Other Publications

Omer Thayee, Emaad Bakir and Peter Foot, "Designing Novel Electroluminescent Polymers Suitable for use in PLED Devices". Lambert Academic Publishing (2015). ISBN 978-3-659-81433-4.

G. Lambe, J. W. Brown, P. J. S. Foot, Chapter "Liquid crystal conducting polymers" in 'Specialty polymers: materials and applications', Edited by Mohammad, F., Anshan, pp. 1-21. ISBN 9781904798958. (2007)

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Selected Conference Presentations (list under construction)

R. Vimalarasa, P.J.S. Foot and G. Calabrese.
"Polypyrrole-chitosan core-shell nanoparticles for anticancer drug delivery". NANOFAR Autumn School meeting, Institut de Recherche en Sante', Nantes, France (Oct. 2015)

C.H. Trease, P.J.S. Foot, A.T. Augousti, "Selective surface fabrication using instability patterning." 40th Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) Conference, 2014. Lausanne, Switzerland (22-26 Sept. 2014.)

V.P. Tsikourkitoudi, P.J.S. Foot, T. Zhang, C. Fernandez.
"Controlled synthesis of lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12) nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis." 11th International Conference on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, 8-11 July 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece, Poster presentation.

V.P. Tsikourkitoudi, C. Fernández, T. Zhang, P.J.S. Foot. "Nanomaterials for lithium-ion batteries."
Dresden School on Functional Nanomaterials, 30 September-4 October 2013, Dresden, Germany.

V.P. Tsikourkitoudi, C. Fernández, P.J.S. Foot, T. Zhang.
"Flame spray pyrolysis synthesis of spinel lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12) nanoparticles." 10th International Conference on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, 9-12 July 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece, Poster presentation.

B. Morais Faustino, P. J. S. Foot, R. A. Kresinski, "Lanthanide Luminescence Sensitisation via Nanocrystalline Host Energy-Transfer". Presentation P2.508, 10th Int. Conf. on Electroluminescence and Organic Optoelectronics (ICEL 10), Cologne, Germany (Aug./Sept. 2014).

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E. Bakhtiarian, P. J. S. Foot and P. C. Miller Tate. Preparation of Conductive Polyaniline/ Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Blends via Solution Mixing and Study of Their Properties. Paper S14-PP4, 6th Eurasia Conf. on the Chem. Sciences, Corfu, Greece (April 2012).

P. J. S. Foot, H. Hadavinia, S. J. Barton and A. S. Farid. Effects of secondary doping on the conductivity of polyaniline and its blends. Oral presentation, 6th Int. Conf. on Advances in Computational Engineering and Experimentation, (Istanbul, Turkey; 1st – 4th July 2012).

P. J. S. Foot. Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Applications of Conducting Polymers. Invited talk at British Plastics Federation industrial seminar, London, 2nd Nov. 2011.

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IM Diaz Mesa, P. J. S. Foot & R. Kresinski, Preparation of Composites of a Luminescent Polymer in Layer Structured Host Compounds. RSC South East Regional Meeting on Inorganic & Materials Chemistry, University of Surrey, July 2nd 2012. (Previously presented as: Paper B3.3.2, 2nd Int. Conf. on Hybrid Materials (HYMAT), Strasbourg, France (March 2011.)

D. Roudini, P. J. S. Foot and C. E. Hall. Preparation, Characterisation and Diffusion Studies of Polypyrrole, poly(1,6-di(N-pyrrolyl)hexane) and poly(N-dodecylpyrrole). Macro2010: 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress - Polymer Science 11-16 July (2010). Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow.

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Ghatora, Baljit, Foot, Peter, Barton, Stephen and Kishi, Mariko (2007) Investigation into the causes of post-operative calcification in intraocular lenses. In: 35th European Federation of the Contact Lens and IOL Industries Conference; 11-13 Oct 2007, Malaga, Spain.

Dopant-Free Intrinsically Conducting Polymers
B Sabagh, P J S Foot and R J Singer, IoM3 Materials Congress (April 2006).

Conductive Poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile)-Polyaniline Dodecylbenzenesulfonate [NBR-PAni.DBSA] Blends Prepared in Solution.
KC Yong, PJS Foot, S Cook. Annual German Rubber Conference, Nurnburg, DKT2006.

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Synthesis of Cathode Materials for Alkali Metal Rechargeable Cells.
PJS Foot and BA Nevett, UK Patent GB 2 132 181B; U.S. Patent 4,579,724;
European Patent 0128 181 B1; World Patent WO 84/02333 (1986). [NRDC]

Highly Conductive Organic Polymers.
P J S Foot, R Davis, D Budd. UK Patent GB 2 304 346B; also PCT/GB97/00742; WO9841555. (World patent rights licensed to Baxenden, Ltd.)

Intrinsically Conductive Organic Polymers.
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Liquid Crystalline Conducting Polymers.
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Laser-Processed Conducting Polymers.
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Sol-Gel Route to Transparent Metal Oxide Films.
M Sugrue, PJS Foot and IJ Youngs, Patent GB 2 326 636B for Defence Evaluation & Research Agency/QinetiQ (2000); US6074471; EP0887103.

Switchable Liquid Crystal Conducting Copolymers.
P Ibison, P J S Foot and J W Brown, UK Patent GB2 346 1488B (2002).

Light-Weight Organoceramics for Prosthetic, Surgical and Structural Applications.
H Morgan and PJS Foot, UK Patent Appl. no. GB2409682A (2005).

Teaching Area

Polymer Chemistry. Inorganic Materials Chemistry. Optical/Electronic Properties of Polymers. Research Methods & Skills. IP and Patents [Retired from full-time teaching in Dec. 2013.]

Other Professional Activity

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and member of the R.S.C. Downland Committee (2014-17).

Former member of MacroGroup UK national committee.

Academy of Finland (Assessment panel member for research grants & fellowships) 2012-13

Consultant assessor for the Slovak Research Agency (2012), the Sultanate of Oman (2012) and the Danish Council for Independent Research (2015-).

Editorial Board member for Energies (2014-), Journal of Polymers (2012-present) and the Online Macromolecular Journal (2006-present).

Journal Editor-in-Chief, Polymers & Polymer Composites (Smithers-Rapra Ltd.) 2008-present.

Member of EPSRC Peer-Review College 1996-present.

Referee for AHRC research grant proposals in the Materials area.

Reviewer (Panel of Registered Experts) for EU Framework Programmes 6 & 7.

Consultancy clients have included: Cambridge Display Technology Ltd., Personal Biometric Encoders Ltd., DERA/QinetiQ, Baxenden Ltd. and RAPRA Ltd.

Lead Academic on a KTP programme with Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd. (2013-15).