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Dr Dhayaneethie (Dhaya) Perumal

School/Department: Life Sciences, Pharmacy & Chemistry
Position: Senior Lecturer, Clinical Pharmaceutics


I completed my undergraduate BSc degree at the University of Durban-Westville (now University of Kwazulu-Natal) in Durban, South Africa and joined Unilever, Ltd (Pty) where I progressed to become R & D Manager. I returned to the same university and completed a 4-year Pharmacy degree followed by a research Masters in Pharmaceutics. During this time, I had won several awards, including being top student of the university for which I was awarded a Bronze medal for academic excellence. Following registration as a pharmacist and a teaching position in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy in South Africa, I was awarded the Commonwealth/British Council Scholarship and successfully completed a PhD in Immunology (HIV-1 clade C Vaccine Development) with Imperial College, London. My first post-doc was in the lab of Professor Robin Shattock at St George's Hospital, University of London. The work involved the pre-clinical evaluation of potential microbicides using cellular and tissue models for the prevention of HIV transmission and culminated in an anti-HIV microbicide formulation that is currently undergoing extended Phase II clinical trials at various international sites. I subsequently took on teaching positions as Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at London Metropolitan University and later at the School of Pharmacy, Keele University, where I taught Clinical Pharmacology, before joining Kingston University in April 2011.

At Keele and Kingston Universities, I was nominated for Teacher of Year Awards and went on to win the SEC Faculty Teacher Award just a year after joining Kingston.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • 2007 - 2009 MA (Learning & Teaching in Higher Education), London Metropolitan University, London, UK
  • 2001 - 2004 PhD in HIV Vaccine development, Imperial College, London, UK. Title: In vitro dendritic cell priming model for the assessment of cytotoxic T-cell reco
  • 1993 - 1995 Pharmaceutics Research masters (part-time), University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.
  • 1989 - 1992 BPharm (4-year degree), University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.
  • 1977 - 1980 BSc (Microbiology), University of Durban-Westville (now University of Kwazulu-Natal), Durban, South Africa

Research Interests

Translational Research
» 1988, Product developed as R&D Manager at Unilever was marketed and enjoyed commercial success to become a brand leader for more than a decade.
» An anti-HIV microbicide formulation project during my post-doc position (2004-2006), is now in extended Phase II clinical trials at various international sites.

Postdoctoral Research
This research, in collaboration with a US partner, involved the pre-clinical evaluation of potential microbicides for the prevention of HIV transmission. The study entailed the screening of potential compounds (e.g. peptides, common pharmaceutical excipients with antiviral activities, defensins, CCR5 inhibitors, NNRTIs, etc.) from local and international pharmaceutical industries (GSK, North Carolina; Anacor Pharmaceuticals, CA; Novaflux Biosciences, Princeton; Westgate Biologicals, Ireland) and academic institutions (University of Cape Town, SA; University of Utah, US; University of Manchester, UK) for anti-HIV activity and cytotoxicity in cell-based assays, and in vaginal and cervical explant tissue models. In drug combinations, possible synergy was assessed using the median effect principle and isobologram techniques. This work led to one inhibitor being formulated and manufactured as a topical gel preparation that is currently in clinical trials at various international sites.

PhD research
The study entailed the development of a mucosal vaccination strategy against HIV-1 infection, utilising adenovirus vectors expressing HIV-1 clade C wild type genes (from South Africa). In vitro derived dendritic cells were transduced with the optimised viral vector encoding HIV-1 genes. In order to identify Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes, these transfected/transduced cells were used to initially prime and subsequently restimulate enriched CD8+ T cells from healthy, uninfected donors. Using overlapping peptides, the HIV-specific CD8+ T cells responses were quantified and identification of reactive peptides was predicted by bioinformatic tools using HLA-motif screening algorithms. The in-vitro vaccine model using cells from uninfected donors was successful in identifying novel immunogenic epitopes, two of which have not been previously published for human HLA-restrictions.

MA (Learning & Teaching in Higher Education) research
This pedagogical study investigated motivation and engagement in first-year students in Biosciences. The study being exploratory in nature offered an important window on the factors that impinge on student motivation and engagement toward their learning experience. Key relationships that have implications for staff, the faculty, the institution and academic practice, were identified as factors that impinge on student motivation and engagement in learning.

Current research
My current research involves:
» Investigating biological activities of novel nitric oxide compounds
» Liposomal formulations of anti-retroviral (anti-HIV) drugs for enhanced targeting
» Formulation of controlled release dosage forms
» In-situ gelling systems for regenerative medicine involving bone, cartilage and tendon
» Pedagogical research in experiential learning, student feedback, E-Professionalism & social networking as well as integrated assessments for integrated curricula

Interested graduates with their own funding for a PhD should contact to discuss possible projects.

Teaching Area

I teach in a wide range of subjects covering various disciplines. These include Pharmacy and clinical Practice modules, Pharmaceutics, Drug delivery systems, Microbiology, Biology, Infection and Pharmacology on the MPharm Pharmacy course, Pharmaceutical science, Foundation and the Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP) PgDip. In addition I am also personal tutor to current first and second year students.

Other Professional Activity

2010 - 2011 External examiner of PhD studies in UK and internationallyNo professional activities added yet.
2008 - 2009 Taught and led on the Health Services Organisation module on the FdSc Pharmacy at Birkbeck College/University of London as a sessional lecturer.
2008 - 2009 Was part of the London Metropolitan University delegation to the RPSGB seeking approval for an Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Course
2006 - 2009 Taught Pharmacology on the Prescribing Nurses Course and the Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Course
1995 - 2000 Served on the Pharmaceutical Committee of the Medicine Control Council (MCC) of South Africa – reviewing industry licence applications
2010 - Present, Reviewer to Journals


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