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Dr Adam Le Gresley

School/Department: Life Sciences, Pharmacy & Chemistry
Position: Associate Professor

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • 2010 - 2011 PGCertHE
  • 2000 - 2003 PhD Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • 1996 - 2000 BSc(Hons) Chemistry

Research Interests

Development of dynamic and static combinatorial libraries of novel G-Quadruplex ligands for the induction of tumor apoptosis and their evaluation using NMR techniques.

The conception, synthesis and evaulation of novel "caged" biologically active species (e.g. Caged nitric oxide) for cell signalling/imaging studies.

The conception, synthesis and evaluation of a novel class of MRSA detection systems.

Selected Recent Publications/Patents:

Le Gresley,A; Gudivika, V; Carrington, C; Sinclair, A; Brown, J.E.
Synthesis, analysis and biological evaluation of novel indolquinonecryptolepine analogues as potential anti-tumour agents.
Organic and Biological Chemistry, 2016 Available as an advance article DOI: 10.1039/C5OB02408K

Fardus-Reid, Fahmina; Warren, John; Le Gresley, Adam.
Validating heteronuclear 2D quantitative NMR, Analytical Methods, available as an advance article DOI: 10.1039/C6AY00111D, 2016

Le Gresley, Adam; Simpson, Emma; Sinclair, Alex J.; et al.
The application of high resolution diffusion NMR for the characterisation and quantification of small molecules in saliva/dentifrice slurries Analytical Methods, 7, 6, 2323
-2332, 2015

Le Gresley, A, Fardus, F and Warren, J. Bias and uncertainty in non-ideal qNMR analysis, Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, Available as an advance article 2014

Le Gresley, A; Sinclair, A and Fielder, M. Detection of MRSA based on SFG and LGX molecular probes
PCT PN810325WO, filed 19th July 2014.

Sinclair, A., Mulcahy, L., Geldeard, L., Malik, S., Fielder M., Le Gresley, A. Development of an in situ Culture-Free Screening Test for the Rapid Detection of Staphylococcus aureus within Healthcare Environments, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 11, 20, 3307-3313, 2013

Mikutis, G, Karakose, J, Jaiswal, R, Le Gresley A, Islan, T, Fernandez-Lahore, M and Kuhnert, N. Phenolic promiscuity in the cell nucleus, Food and function, 4, 2, 328-337 2012

UK Patent GB1212853.4 Detection of MRSA. Filed 27th July 2012
Le Gresley A, Sinclair, A, Fielder, M

Le Gresley, A, Kenny, J, Cassar, C, Kelly, A, Sinclair, A and Fielder, M. The application of high resolution diffusion NMR to the analysis of manuka honey, Food Chemistry, 135, 4, 2879-2886,2012

Tyrrell, E, Mazloumi, K, Sajdak, P, Sinclair, A, Le Gresley A, The enantiospecific synthesis of chromanes and isochromanes using a variant of an intramolecular Nicholas reaction. Tetrahedron Letters, Available as an advance article. 2012

Le Gresley, A, Ammara Abdullah, A., Chawla, D., Desai, P., Ghosh, U., Gollapalli, U., Kiran, M., Lafon, S., Diacrylamides as selective G-quadruplex ligands in in vitro and in vivo assays. MedChemComm, 2, 6, 466-470, 2011.

Le Gresley, A, Desai, P., Ghosh, U., Gollapalli, U., Kirun, M., Lafon, S., The scope of the Heck reaction in the synthesis of a new family of anthracene diacrylamide G-quadruplex ligands, Synthetic Communications, 41, 16, 2483, 2011.

Le Gresley, A, and Kuhnert, N. The design and synthesis of acrylato and imino derivatives of calix[4]arene for applications in static and dynamic combinatorial libraries, Journal of Chemical Research, 34, 61-67. 2010.

Le Gresley, A., Gollapalli, U. and Ghosh, U. The scope of the Heck reaction in the synthesis of a novel building block for use in the creation of dynamic combinatorial libraries of potential G-quadruplex ligands. KURIR, 5, 1-6. 2009

Kuhnert, N and Le-Gresley, A. Synthesis of upper rim calix[4]arene carcerands. Tetrahedron Letters, 98, 1274-1276. 2008

Kuhnert, N., Le-Gresley, A., Nicolau,DC, et al. Synthesis, self-association and chiroselectivity of isotopically labeled trianglamine macrocycles in the ion trap mass spectrometer. Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmacetuticals, 15, 1215-1223. 2007

Kuhnert, N., Le-Gresley, A. The use of deep cavity tetraformyl calix[4]arenes in the synthesis of static and dynamic macrocyclic libraries, ChemInform, 36, 25, 056. 2005

Kuhnert, N and Le-Gresley, A. Synthesis and capsule formation of upper rim substituted tetra-acrylamido calix[4]arenas.Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 3, 11, 2175-2182. 2005

Kuhnert, N and Le-Gresley, A. The use of deep cavity tetraformyl calix[4]arenes in the synthesis of static and dynamic macrocyclic libraries. Tetrahedron Letters 46, 12, 2059-2062. 2005

Sul, J., Le-Gresley, A., Ellis-Davies, G., Haydon, P. Photoreleased nitric oxide regulates glial calcium signalling. Proc Soc Neuroscience, 405, 9. 2004

Kuhnert, N and Le-Gresley, A. The synthesis of tetra-acrylamido-calix [4]arene capsules. Chemical Communications, 19, 2426-2427. 2003

Kuhnert, N and Le-Gresley, A. On the scope and limitations of the Heck reaction of upper rim tetraiodocalix[4]arenes. Journal of the Chemical Society - Perkin Transactions 1, 24, 3393-3398. 2001

Conference Contributions:

Le Gresley A and Kuhnert N, The design and synthesis of deep cavity calix[4]arenes in the development of static and dynamic macrocyclic libraries, IUPAC, Glasgow, P604_020, 2009.

Le Gresley, A, The synthesis of novel G-quadruplex ligands and Host-Guest binding evaluation using DOSY NMR, NCRI, Birmingham, August 2009.

Le-Gresley, A. Effects of intracellular NO release on the glia. Neuroscience Conference, 24, San Diego, USA. October 2004

Le-Gresley, A. Development of novel calix[4]arene species for the remediation of organic pesticides. 3rd International Supramolecular Chemistry Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2002

Teaching Area

Module leader for CH7070 Drug Design and Discovery Module leader for CH6008 Drug Development

Other Professional Activity

Lecturio Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Deputy Chairman RSC Downland Section
Reviewer for Synthetic Communications
Reviewer for Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Reviewer for Phytochemical Analysis
Deputy Admissions Tutor - Foundation Pharmacy Programme
Chairman B Scientific Ltd


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