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Dr Pushpa Kumarapeli

School/Department: Computer Science & Mathematics
Position: Senior Lecturer


Pushpa Kumarapeli is a lecturer in Computing and Information Systems, with teaching and research interests in Clinical Informatics. He has acquired unique skills in developing multi-channel video tools and technologies to monitor the impact of the computer on the clinical consultation. He has been researching about the primary care information architecture, features and quality issues associated with routinely collected primary care data, different electronic patient record system designs, and clinical data recording standards. He has developed a multitude of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, to comprehensively congregate data about the doctor-computer-patient interactions. A novel method introduced by him, named as ALFA (Activity Log File Aggregation) is already used by a number of evaluation projects to assess the influence of computer on the clinical consultation. A study Dr. Pushpa Kumarapeli conducted using the ALFA tool involving real general practice consultations in normal surgery settings is considered to be largest consultation observation study of its kind.
He has developed specialist knowledge and wide experience about the architecture of General Practice clinical databases and the use of Morbidity Information Query and Extraction Syntax (MIQUEST). He has participated in eight large research projects based on primary care data covering multitude of chronic diseases, clinical audits, and equity and service management areas. He has also developed a range of Java based utilities to automate the data importing steps, reducing the time between the data extraction and the analysis stages. He is also interested in range of Information Systems areas such as process modelling and agile methods for systems development, and Software Engineering domains such as Software Quality, Databases and Object Oriented technologies

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • 2009 - 2011 Postgraduate certificate for teaching in Higher Education
  • 2005 - 2011 PhD in Health Informatics
  • 2001 - 2004 BSc (Hons) Information Systems Design (Business Technology)
  • 2001 - 2001 British Computer Society, professional examinations - Diploma in IT
  • 2001 - 2001 British Computer Society, professional examinations - Certificate in IT

Research Interests

Influence of clinical information systems on the computer mediated consultation.
Multi-channel video tools and technologies for analysing computer use in clinical environments
Epidemiological research based on routinely collected data stored in general practice database systems.
Business process modelling, agile methods for information systems development

Teaching Area

(1) dependable Systems - level 6, undergraduate [Module leader] (2) Advanced Database and Web - level 6 (3) Programming III - Level 6 (4) Database systems (Joint Hons) - level 5, undergraduate [Module leader] (5) Support technologies (databases) for Biomedical informatics students - level 6, undergraduate [Module leader] (6) Databases level 5 (7) Information and Project management - level 5,undergraduate (8) Clinical informatics, Data into knowladge, Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) and Business Systems Analysis 2 (BSA) for foundation degree students [Module leader]

Other Professional Activity

Member of the British Computer Society - Primary Health Care Specialist Group (BCS-PHCSG)
Member of the Internet Society (ISOC)
Member of the European Federation of Medical Informatics


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