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Dr Martin Colbert

School/Department: Computer Science & Mathematics
Position: Senior Lecturer


Martin is a researcher, teacher and practitioner in user experience design.

Originally, he was a researcher in human-computer interaction at University College London, where he studied the usability of many kinds of computer systems and devised engineering approaches to various stages of their development. Now he is senior lecturer at Kingston University, and he teaches undergraduates and post graduates in all aspects of user centered design. In 2006, he established Kingston University's usability lab and the original course MSc User Interaction Design

At first, his research followed the technology – from Windows3.1 graphical user interfaces, to early video-conferencing, planning and control applications and then context-aware mobile devices. But now he likes to study everyday use of the Internet in context (traffic studies), with the help of a Google grant, a small group of research students and his own website research vehicle.

"Commercial work keeps it real", he says. "Oracle Dept Work & Pensions and various local start-ups were really helpful in this regard."

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • 1995 - 1996 PhD Classes of Human-Computer Interactions, University College London
  • 1985 - 1986 MSc Ergonomics, University College London
  • 1981 - 1985 BSc Hons Psychology, University of Stirling

Research Interests

Online Journeys
How do users think about and construct their online journeys?
How should researchers study and represent user journeys?
What features of the user interface direct the journey, and how should we design them?
What qualities of their journey do users value, and how can we assess them?

To answer these questions, I have studied online advertising, smoking cessation, business modelling ... and many more application yet to be discovered, I hope.

Teaching Area

At undergraduate level, I teach Advanced Human Computer Interaction, and Java. I supervise projects in the areas of Joomla, visualisations especially interactive diagrams, tools for HCI, and tools for website visitor and traffic analysis. At masters level, I am Field Leader for User Experience Design, teach Usability Engineering and User Factors and supervise projects in all areas of user experience

Other Professional Activity

Some interesting projects
2010 – Gathering user feedback about – an online marketplace for commercial aircraft (Aviation Worldwide Ltd)

2009 – Wireframes for an on-line application for data quality and data matching (Infoshare-IS Ltd)

2009 - Usability testing of an online form (Dept Work & Pensions, UK)

2004 - Usability laboratory evaluation of a diagramming tool for the development of the middle-tier of Web-based database applications (Oracle, UK)

2002 – task analysis and user interface design for a site terminal and a web application for facilities management (theFMcompany Ltd)

2001 - analysis of a process modelling and design of a code generation Wizard (Oracle, UK)


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