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The 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science.

September 2nd - 4th, 2013.
Kingston University, London, UK.

Scope of the meeting

UK Paliament House

We welcome submissions on all facets of distributed parallel processing and applications. Topics include, but not limited to the following:

Distributed/Parallel applications
1. Computational methods in science and engineering.
2. Computational finance.
3. E-engineering and e-science applications.
4. E-commerce applications.
5. E-education applications.
6. Distributed agents.
7. Distributed multimedia.
8. Distributed databases.

Cloud Computing and Grid Computing
1. Infrastructure of Cloud/Grid Computing.
2. Cloud/Grid computing platforms and tools.
3. Cloud/Grid Software and Middleware.
4. Cloud/Grid computing applications.
5. Cloud/Grid computing paradigms.
6. New technologies and developments in computer networking

Distributed/Parallel algorithms
1. Numerical parallel algorithms.
2. Non numerical parallel algorithms.
3. Algorithms exploiting distributed computing environment.
4. Performance assessment with computation/communication complex analysis.
5. Distributed/parallel algorithms in image and vision processing.
6. Geometric modelling, and fractals.
7. Compression and decompression for multimedia applications.
8. Data mining and Knowledge Discovery

Internet of Things (IOT)
1. Communication systems and network architectures for the IOT.
2. Technologies and concepts for embedding sensing, actuation, communication, and computation into networked things.
3. Software Platform Developments for the IOT.
4. Novel services and applications in an IOT.
5. Emerging IOT business models and process changes.
6. Experience reports in areas such as healthcare, logistics & transport.
7. Security & privacy aspects of IOT infrastructures & applications.

System Architectures
1. Real-time embedded systems for business, engineering, and sciences.
2. Distributed information systems for business, engineering, and sciences.
3. Web resources management and system design for e-science and e-engineering.
4. Web performance analysis for business, engineering and sciences.
Software tools and environments for distributed or parallel platform.
1. Use of MPI, PVM, Java Platforms for web-based simulation and computing.
2. Tools and platforms for E-education.
3. Tools and platforms for E-business.
4. Web browser and search engine design.
5. Mobile agents and computing.

Intelligent Transportation
1. Vehicle Controls.
2. Traffic surveillance and control.
3. Operation vehicle height management.
4. Tourism information management.
5. Internet of Vehicles.

1. E-Business and Mobile Business.
2. Data Mining and Data Base Technology.
3. Business Forecast Theory and Decision Making.
4. Management Stratagem and Models.
5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
6. E-Banking and Security.
7. E-Business System Design and Application.

Information Security
1. Cryptography.
2. Firewall Technology.
3. Web Security.
4. Network authentication technology.
5. Intrusion Detection.
6. Computer Virus Prevention Technology.



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